Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 13 Easter Week

The Alternate Easter Bunny

   A video of the NorthFace100 2015 Part 1

"I love that if it weren't for the slow guys like me getting our butts kicked  , how would the fast people know they were fast ?The world needs us!" Bob Babbitt from his article in Triathlete Magazine June's issue 2012 "Life in a Bubble".

The week ending with Easter Long weekend is a timely reminder of what I am training for.The video above is a really good look at the NorthFace 100 now Ultra trail Australia 100. And the quote is just how I feel about racing  .

WAMC Mt Helena 40 miler.  Pics by Debbie Omersher

This week was a much easier week with the 40 miler on Monday ,28 March 2016 as a test .Unfortunately , didn't quite make the cut off at 5 hrs which was at the 46 kms and so only managed 46 kms.Found the race a little hard on the legs with the hard gravel and possibly going  faster than I was comfortable with to try and make the cut off .The left knee was a little sore but I was able to run .I think there was some fatigue in the legs from a long run on Wednesday (33kms )which was not on the programme .Lesson learnt don't overdo the training as it leads to possible injuries and sub optimal results.

Monday had a rest day .Tuesday again I just ran an easy 7.5km.

Wednesday runs in the morning and evening .

Wednesday I did a hard session with 20 minutes warm up and then 20minutes x 2 at 5.15 pace with a 10 minute recovery between and then 25 minutes cool down.Managed 95 minutes and 15kms.In the evening I ran  to a meeting and then home covering another 18kms( which was not on the training prog.) .

After Saturday's Run with Molly

Thursday I rode my bike along the freeway bike path 36kms in under 90 minutes .On Friday I did a short session with 20 minutes warm up then 20seconds hard and 40 seconds recovery jog x 10 before a slow jog for recovery .Total about 7.5 kms .Saturday I ran an easy 70 minutes with Molly in the rain and we covered about 8kms , then did a 30minute work out at Cross fit in the afternoon and on Sunday just a short run of 5kms before the race on Monday .

Easter Monday's run was the WAMC 40 Miler as indicated above it was a training run to try and run the 40 miles steady .Unfortunately with the cut off of 5 hours at the 46 km mark that was difficult and I took 6 minutes at the 32km mark to get more water and food which I thought was more important overall . I would have liked to have been able to continue but I think the body was also feeling the fatigue from a few heavy weeks of training and so it was fortunate I could not run the full 64kms . A day after the race the legs are tired  but no lingering soreness or discomfort .

Total for the week was about 62kms . And with the 46kms on Monday nearly 108kms in the 7 days.In the past 3 weeks I have had one rest day and run over 280 kms .Weight is now hovering between 67 and 69 kgs. Time for an easy week to recover.