Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 9

“Only those who will risk going too far can pos­si­bly find out how far one can go.” Although T.S. Eliot was likely not think­ing of run­ning when he wrote these words, he couldn’t have bet­ter cap­tured the essence of why ultra run­ners do what they do. We’re all search­ing for some­thing within our­selves; most of us want to know just how deep our well is.From 10 great Pinterest Quotes for Ultrarunners

What doesn't Kill you makes you stronger

This weeks programme has dropped a couple of notches in intensity and time .A welcome break .

I had an off day on Monday and after the weekend of running it was welcome. On Tuesday I ran for 55 minutes really slow and kept the HR at 10 and averaged 111 running 8kms at about 6.45 minutes per km . The weather was a really cool 25C. In the evening it was the usual 34 km cycle to cross fit and home .Cross fit was a good 55 minutes and a hard session with the last exercise dragging a weighted sled of about 70kgs 870m.

Wednesday : Sore legs and rang to work with a 90 minute work out for Thursday done on Wednesday.Ran easy for 3 kms then about a minute faster for the next 50 minutes at 5.16 minutes to 5.38 minutes pace for the next 9kms and then the rest easy for a total of 14kms in 1.25 hr.

Noranda Running: 13.96 km • 1:24:36 • 6:04 min/km • 9.9 km/h • 69 m

Thursday : I ran an easy 8.4 kms on the sand trails in Kings Park. It was warm and humid and the sand trails was a good work out .

Friday , another easy run at lunch time along the river and Elizabeth Quay . A warm 34c run. In the evening a 30minute recovery ride on the wind trainer.

Saturday , I opted for a 1hr wind trainer session with a number of 5-7 minutes at 80% of FTP . It was a warm day and so sweated a lot . I then ran for 55 minutes in the hot morning sun at 36C .That really cooked the body .

  A glimpse of cross fit sessions

Saturdays Session

 In the afternoon a hard 30 minute cross fit session.

start and end of run

 video of Sunday's run by Jason
Post Run Recovery with Molly

Sunday a comparatively short 2 hour run for a change . We ran on the Yaberoo budjara heritage trail near Waneroo . Started out on a limestone trail and soon for most of the run we were running on sand trails and that was a little hard going on the legs. Managed 8kms in the first hour and then for 30 minutes , increased the pace by about a minute although for some of that I was running up a gradient and so the pace suffered but was putting in as much effort. I finished with about 7kms and a sore knee but just pushing off the sand made it hard work .Felt good at the end . Breakfast at Jason's and Jade's place .

Total for the week 7.5 hrs approx and 63 km. 3 hrs of cycling and 1.5 hrs of cross fit.

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