Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week 11 March 7 -14 : Midway Point

Camel Farm run on Sunday

Coldplay: Hymn for the in the hills

This was a big week in mileage and running everyday .The legs were feeling it with a few sore muscles and joints but thankfully no injuries . I reach 100kms which was a first ever.The week's training ended with a  run in Kalamunda  and a short easy run in the evening.

But comparatively not as big as others .( Zach Bitter February training )

Yet it is a major milestone for me again. The weight is remaining steady and still under 70kgs and holding . The debate on LCHF diets continues with varying views as always and AIS undertaking a study on LCHF ( low Carb High Fat diets) Outside Magazine : the latest on Low Carb High fat diets

Monday's Labour Day Run   The week started with a Public Holiday and a new weeks programme which I don't get till the Sunday before . Monday is always a DOC day (distance of choice) and today I ran a longer period 98 minutes along the coast and the Star swamp area behind Trigg . Completed 12.6kms with a fast finish trying to keep up with Michele.                                                                                                                                       

Tuesday .A speed session  .70 plus minutes with 20 min warm up and 4 x 8mins at 5km pace (90% effort)
I did about 65 mins and had a short 15 min warm up and the 4 x 8mins with 2.5 min between  each effort .I knocked the first one in 4.52 average pace then 5 min , 5.05 and 5.15 pace for the last one.It was pretty hot at 35C and found this the hardest session for the week.Finished with 10.5kms and had to walk the first minute after each effort to recover. This was by far the hardest session of the week trying to get to 90% of max heart rate.

Wednesday , I had to back up again and do another hard run or progressive run with a 20 min warm up and then 50 minutes starting a minute faster and dropping 5 seconds every 10 minutes then a cool down of 20 minutes. I had a  warm up of 20 minutes and then went fast with a 5.30 to 5.47 minute per km pace for the 50 minutes . I didn't quite drop down evenly but managed to be within a range . Then a slow recovery jog back .13.4km in 85 minutes. The heart rate remained consistent at about 139 to 141 .

Thursday .An easy run day with 45 minutes and  7km just along the river at lunch time.

Friday .Another easy run in the evening 70 minutes and 10km.I had felt good and was doing a really easy slow run but still managed about 6.5 minutes pace to 7 minute pace .Even chatted with a cyclist riding slowly around the river without getting tired.Probably the best run this week as far as feeling good .

Saturday : a long run along the coast and then to Star Swamp and back to Sorrento for breakfast.Fortunately a 7 am start and we finished at about 9.30 .I ran 19km and felt pretty good although it was getting warm and I had only 200 calories of tailwind. In the afternoon I did the cross fit scaled 16.3 WOD which was 25kgs snatches x 10 and 5 chest to bar repeated as many times in 7 minutes . I managed to do 5 rounds and 6 snatches for 81 points . Got a really sore shoulder /neck from the quick snatch reps .

Trail Running at Camel Farm to Mundaring Weir

Sunday was a very early start as there were road closures to the hills for the UCI Grand Fondo to Kalamunda. We started off at about 5.30 am from the Camel Farm which meant getting up at 4.30am . It was dark for about 20 minutes so I got to use the headlamp and it was working fine . Once the light was up we could start running properly and made reasonable pace covering about 10km to the turnaround at Mundaring Weir  . Then it was just retracing the steps back to the start .Not as much elevation , just 600m but a good work out and glad we started early as it was pretty warm at the end. Finished with 20.5km .

In the evening I did an easy run of 6.5 km to round of the biggest week of running ever at 100km.

Total for the week :
Monday ;       12.6km  96 mins
Tuesday :       10.6 km 65 mins
Wednesday :  13.4 km 85 mins
Thursday :        7   km 45mins
Friday :          10.1km 70 mins
Saturday        19.4km 135 mins
Sunday          20.5 km  180 mins
                        6.5 km    50 mins
Total:            100.1 km Time 12 hours of running  and 7 minutes of Cross fit.