Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 5

Start N Finish of the KOM run on Australia Day 2016

 The Long Run .....

Last week of January and the longest training session and most hours done.

Monday is usually a DOC which means distance of choice .I decided to run on the treadmill for 6kms at various speeds to mix it up .Ran with my Altras and they feel comfortable but don't have as much absorption as the Hokas.

On Tuesday it was Australia Day and usually I am out cycling or a few years back I would have been down at Point Walter doing the Pt Walter Triathlon .This year I ran the KOM trail at Helena Valley at least I did a 2 hour run . It was pretty warm as we started at 7am and finished at 9am . I did a tempo run after 45 minutes running a minute faster and then 4 seconds slower after each km for the next 30 minutes and then back to an easy pace for the last 45 minutes but the hills along the way made it difficult keeping the pace exact. Finished up with 16.5kms

Wednesday I ran in the evening .It was hot and muggy .Just ran the sand trails in Kings Park , no one was around accept for one other runner. Completed only 7.5kms and felt pretty tired in the hot conditions.

Thursday another warm and humid run in the evening rather than going to Cross fit . I did a 30 minute warm up running at 7 mins per km pace then 8minutes x 3 at about 5.25 minutes per km before resuming the easy pace and between each 8 minutes recovered for 3 minutes by walking.

Ran round the river and ended up running 13.25km in 1.5hrs.Again wasn't fast but managed it comfortably with a HR at 125 to 130 and in the fast laps at 145.

Friday . Evening slow run along the river and the new Elizabeth Quay which opened today .Just did a slow 60 minutes running 8km.
Again just humid.

Saturday. Slept in and did not ride but ran a slow 10km , 5km with Molly and the remainder faster without the dog stopping and having a sniff.

 Kalamunda hills on Sunday

Sunday.Long Run in the Hills at Kalamunda.As it was a cool day we ran at 7am and there was an overcast sky with dark clouds looming so the run was cool but humid. We went down the various single tracks around and it was a long run /walk before I got separated from the others with Michele and made our way back to the start and then ran for another hour before heading back to the start at Kalamunda town. The legs were sore from the cross fit on Saturday where we did : 
  1. 100 kettle bell squats with an 8kg kettle bell.
  2. 5 x 10 cleans with 35kg weight
  3. 150 medicine/slam ball 7kg twist in crunch position
  4. 5 x 10 back squats with 35kg bar

For the week , did 11.5 hrs of running and just under 84 kms . Largest block of running ever .