Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 6 & 7

“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life.”
Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

View from Reabold trails on a hot Monday 

More limestone trails 

The past 2 weeks have been a little bit of a roller coaster physically and emotionally. After 5 weeks of training in somewhat hot and humid conditions ,week 6 was an easy week which allowed the body to recover.

I chose not to run on Monday and Thursday as the programme had DOC or Distance of Choice.On Tuesday and Wednesday just easy 1 hour runs with cross fit as well .I ran 8 km on Tuesday with a very easy slow pace  at Midday and on the Wednesday did 11 km with a 15 minute  warm up at 6.30 to 7 min per km pace and 30 min at 5.30 to 5.44 pace .The rest was an easy pace .I did just under 11 km with stops at traffic lights all on the footpath.

Friday I ran around the river with the opening of Elizabeth Quay underway and ran 13km in under 90 minutes.Kept the HR at about 130 and it was hot and humid.

Saturday , I ran 30 minutes and did 4km  and had cross fit in the afternoon.Unfortunately ,I did not ruin on Sunday . My mother in law passed away suddenly on Saturday night .

The renaming week end was realising how sudden and fleeting life can be and enjoying each moment is precious is probably the most valuable lesson one can learn.

The next week was the start of another build in time on the feet and was going to be a hot week.Perth had a 4 day stretch of temperatures above 40 C or 104 Fahrenheit. On Monday I ran on a tread mill for 7.5 km in 45 minutes and then in the evening at 5 pm I ran for 75 minutes at Reabold Hill and covered 11.5 km

Tuesday I did  10 KM SESSION on a tread mill because of the heat . I did a 2 km warm up and then ran 8 x 4 minute segments at 5.15 pace with 2 minutes between each segment for recovery .Then in the evening rode to cross fit but because of the heat just rested and rode home .

Wednesday , I ran an easy 75 minutes covering 11 km

Thursday , I ran an easy 45 minutes covering about 6.5 km.

Friday , I ran  in the evening along the coast with a 3km warm up at about 6.30 minutes per km pace and then between 5.30 and 5.45 minutes per km pace for the next 7 km and finished with a 2  km cool down .Run time 75 minutes
Saturday's WOD  ...sore arms

Saturday , rode around the river in an easy pace with some hard efforts along the way .Rode 45 km and then ran 4.6 km in 26 minutes.In the afternoon cross fit .
Kalamunda Trails on Sunday
Michelle running up a hill

Railway Road in Kalamunda Town ..Start and end of the run

Sunday morning started with a 6am run up at Kalamunda for a 3 hour run. I got lost with Michelle for the next 3 hours doing a big loop and getting as far as the Zig Zag Road and Stratham Quarry and then back through Gooseberry and the final 2 km up Kalamunda Road into the town site. Ran a total of 22kms in 3.15 hr approximately.

For the week I did about 84.5kms in 10.5  hours of running 2 bikes rides and cross fit for about 15 hours of training . I have also started to sort out my running equipment and have all the items in the list . Just need to test out the lights again with some night running.

All the gear for the Ultra-Trails Run Checklist sorted

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