Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8

Irondog Having Fun

After the easy week , it was straight back into a solid build of training for the next 8 weeks before the Ironman at Busselton. The long rides get way longer and the sessions just a  little harder.

Monday I missed the swim session but in the evening knuckled down to my wind-trainer session. Easy 10 minute warm up then 5 x 5minutes at about 200 watts with a 2 minute recovery. This was hard for me and I stayed at about 190-200 watts and nearly passed out . A short cool down and the hour was done .

Tuesday , I ran at lunch time just doing a 50 minute run with some tempo running thrown in keeping a 5.30-5.40 pace for most of the 8kms .In the evening cross fit fortunately was more core work with 10 rounds of Turkish burpees and cleans with a dumbbell .

Wednesday , A swim on my own at the Ballajura Aquatic Centre ( a 25 m pool) so lots of laps and managed to get 2kms done. then off to a massage with Adele Richards at Essential Sports Recovery which was painful but good for me.

The group at Thursday's ride

Thursday . A long day with a session at Kings park cycling with the Hall group and we did rolling in a group riding from kings park to Steve's in Nedlands and then back to Kings park where we rode in teams of 3 up Lovekin and finished off with some sprints.All up 35kms.In the evening, run training with Renee baker as Katy is away and in Kona . A 2 km warm up with some drill sand then I did a 24 minute run at about 80%  of max HR rate .I was pretty pleased and kept a fairly consistent pace of between 5.03 and 5.23 minutes per km for the 4.8kms I ran .We then did a cool down and stretches. It is always helpful having good tips and guidance at these runs from Renee . As there was only 3 of us there was lots of one to one help.Total run 9km.

Friday .
I struggled this morning and I was just tired .So I swam in the evening .I started a  little earlier and did a 200m free with 200m with paddles , then 400m in fins. The drills were 450m made up of 3 x 150m with 50m finger drag, salute and free followed by 4 x 50 m sprinting. The main set was an 800m medium pace swim and then 400m fast . I did not do a cool down .Total 2.6km

Saturday WOD

Saturday. I had a slightly late start leaving home after 6.15am and headed North for a change . I rode to two Rocks actually got pass the Gravity Centre on the Indian Ocean Road and rode a further 10km before turning around and headed back. I had a good run down but on the return I started to lose energy and despite 3 stops for coke and a sausage , I started to cramp a lot and the last 20kms were slow. I finished with 158km in 6 hours and 30 minutes of resting. Will be taking more tailwind nutrition and salt for next long ride.

In the afternoon despite the sore legs and cramping I managed the cross fit session a little slow with 2 and a bit rounds in 40 minutes of 25 deadlifts , clean n jerks , jumping squats , and sit-ups.

Sunday. the good thing about the training is I slept without waking for 7 hours straight. This morning I was suppose to do a 1.40 run with an hour at tempo pace but headed to the hills at Bickley to run on the trails.It was slow and there was a lot of hiking but I think it put the legs under a fair bit of stress and held up. Just did under 10kms .
Bickley Reservoir Sunday run in the hills
Sunday run/walk

The lessons learnt are being consistent , getting the nutrition right, following the programme  and staying positive.