Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 18 Race Week

If there is a lesson in any ultra race it is preparation , training and learning from those who have gone before.The week before the race is one of minimal running , resting , preparation and not allowing the mind to run riot. if anything I believe in writing a schedule for my run and have goals and even start planning the recovery post race .

This week the only run is a short run of 30 minutes on Tuesday and I ran 5km at an easy pace and the then a massage on Wednesday and then a flight over to Sydney before a drive to Katoomba. Nothing else to do other than get the checkpoint bags ready .

The race plan is easy with help from Adam Connors (see his :Adam Connors blog on his race Plan  )

Start 6:55am (wave 6)
Based on last years run for those in the group , I expect a 2 hr time for the first leg.It will be slow with some queues I have been told .At CP1 just a short break to get more water
CP1 to CP2 (10.5 to 31km)
Again the unknown but the plan is to aim for a 2.47hr .At CP2 again get water and change my bottles of tailwind . Time of day hopefully will be about 11.42 am
CP2- CP3(31 to 46 km)
This section includes  Ironpot Ridge.
Split time 2:27
Race time  of day 2:09pm
Again change of tailwind bottles and more water 
CP3-CP4(48km to 57km)
From what I have read this will be hard and the body suffering.

Split time 1:46
time of day 3.55pm
CP4-CP5(57 to 78 km )
Probably the toughest section of the race according to all the race reports .
Split time 4 hours
time of day 8.15pm
At CP 4 major break of 20 minutes to change socks clothes if needed and have some hot food ,water and change tailwind bottles.
CP5- Leura Forrest ( 78 to 95.5km)
Goal to do this leg in 3.15 hrs with a 10 minute break at CP5
Total goal time 3.25hrs
Time of day : 11.40pm
Leura forrest to Finish (96.3km to 100km )
The last leg is just a slow walk up to the finish line going up the Furber stairs so I expect it will take more than hour.
Goal 1.08 to 1.15
Time of day : Approximate 1 am

Given it is my first ultra run and with altitude thrown in , this can all fall apart or go perfectly to plan .We will see on Saturday 16 May 2015.

The mental side of preparation