Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NorthFace100 Preparation List

Mandatory Gear NorthFace100

    Preparation includes making list and I have now compiled a short list taken from various websites and refined for my specific race . I have also found a good short article titled The complete guide to running your first ultra marathon by Jeremy Berger
     Northface100 tips
    Mandatory Gear for the NorthFace 100
  1. Running Pack: Salomon SLab 12 pack
  2. Long Sleeve Thermal Top and pants
  3. Waterproof Jacket with hood
  4. Beanie/Balaclava/Buff
  5. Full fingered lightweight gloves: Merino wool jobbies
  6. High Visibility Safety Vest:  
  7. Headlamp:
  8. Small backup Headlamp: LED Lenser P5R
  9. Mobile Phone: Whatever is in your pocket
  10. Compass
  11. Whistle: Part of pack, of just go into any outdoor shop and bag yourself one
  12. Emergency Space Blanket: Part of Salomon Slab 12l
  13. Compression Bandage
  14. FireLighter block 
    Supplied by the organisers as you never know when you might want to get that steak you’ve been saving in your backpack on the go for dinner
  15. Lightweight Dry Sack: Sea to Summit
  16. 2L water bladder: Hydrapak I have a 1.5l and 2 small flask
    The one in the Salomon backpack is only 1.5l. I use Hydrapaks, but again, much down to personal choice. Most generally do what they say they’re going to do, which is hold water and not leak.
  17. Waterproof Map Case
  18. OPTIONAL GEAR (Likely that you’ll need to stash this at CP4 and use it later on) Long Leg waterproof pants
     100 weight Long Sleeve fleece top :Take to race 

     Other Items for the race or traveling to Race destination including :

      1.  Travel documents / certificate for gear check /tickets etc
      2. Mobile phone & charger; back up power for run
      3. Vaseline
      4. Bandages/First Aid
      5. Duct tape
      6. Moist wipes, paper
      7. Headlamp extra set with chargeri will place in CP4
      8. Fresh batteries 
      9. Garmin watch
      10. Heart Rate Monitor
      11. Shoes
      12. Blister kit, plasters, adhesive promoter
      13. Drinks / food / nutrition for race
    1. Clothes
      1. Race ready Shorts
      2. Race ready Tights (or 2XU tights with pockets)
      3. Underwear
      4. Thin fleece/thermal top
      5. Cold gear tops
      6.  Wind Jacket
      7. Ultralight Waterproof Jacket
      8. Gloves
      9. Track mitts for warm trails
      10. Warm hat
      11. Arm warmers
      12. Socks (several pairs for change at check point)
      13. Bandana/buff
      14. Trash Bag for start or emergencies
    2. Take on race
      1. Take bottle(s) & drink on the hoof (or hydration pack)
      2. Pills to carry
      3. Hat
      4. Moist wipes - you just never know
      5. Gels
      6. Liquid / painkillers /Ibuprofen
      7. Blister kit
        • Scissors
        • Bandage
        • Hypodermic
      8. Anti acid
      9. Ibuprofen/anvil
      10. Salt
    3. Stayingfor several days
      1. clothes for sleeping /change
      2. toiletries
      3. pillow
    4. Miscellaneous
      1. Camera battery charger, charge battery
    5. Post run clothes /slipper
    6. recovery drink
      • Aim for 100-300 grams of protein 
Finally the Ten Commandants for Race Day by Peter Colagiuri and when the race is over the next most important Rule is Recovery and a Recovery Plan Recover Better: 10 Rules For Optimal Ultramarathon Recovery by Joe Uhan

Ultimately , I have prepared as best I can and I had fun doing it with a great group .

The destination is always the goal but you miss the point if you don't stick your head out of the window to enjoy the trip . (so says my dog )