Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 14


Irondog trying out the Lazer Helmet

The advantage of designing my own training programme is that I also know that it has an inbuilt flexibility.I was not meant to do all the sessions in it.

Particularly as the sessions get longer and tougher .


A good case in point as I had a run and swimming but the soreness from the weekend made it hard and I decided to sacrifice the sessions and have a rest.


It was a late start and I ran 7km at Lunch and then did my cycle workout in the evening in lieu of my Cross fit.
It was 40 minutes of high cadence and then hill repeats along Lovekin Drive in Kings Park with 5 repeats till my leg was sore and then an easy ride round the Park. here were a few cyclist and cars about and  little else in the quiet darkness . Legs really felt that workout as I struggled to keep at 70rpms in the big chain ring until I could shift a few cogs down .


I did my interval work out today but just 4 x 1km at Threshold or higher.Maintained my heart rate at about 150 to 159 and had a pace of 4.34 to 5.08 minutes per km. still slow but a real improvement.In the evening I ran a further 5km and then swam with the Exceed squad.
The session was a 400m free, 3 x 100medley and 3 x 500m with 400 @threshold and 100m easy and a 100m cool down for a total of 2.3km

Got a real bad cramp in the left leg at the end . The muscles are slowly trying to get strong and used to the overload.


As I was sore I skipped the ride session. In the arvo I ran 7km easy and then went to Cross fit

A good hard session:


I ran at Lunch time another easy 6km on a really nice warm day. Not too many runners  today.Strange that on a Friday. In the evening I swam by myself at the Terry Tyzarks Pool.Did very much a similar set with 400m free warm up , 4 x 100 with 50 hard and 50 easy , 3 x 500 at threshold and 100m cool down.


I was supposed to be riding a long 3-4 hour ride but did not get much sleep during the night so decided to just rest up and ride long on Sunday. had a massage on Saturday before Cross fit. The legs were tight and sore before and after the session they were just sore.The calf's especially had taken a pounding. i was reminded to stretch more.

Saturday's Session


Trail Riding today

Whilst still sore in the legs especially the quads after the Cross fit session , I managed to do an easy 5km run as a warm up for my ATTA 20km Time trial which was on in the morning out a champion lakes . It was great morning with not too much wind about. First time in a while I had been at an ATTA Time trial. It was just 20km but the legs were going to hurt. I had my TT Bike and Zipp wheels. It was 4 laps of 5kms each and I managed a consistent pace with the last lap at 8.37 being my best and only 5 secs between the 4 laps . My average for the 20km was 34.49kph.HR was just above threshold.

After the TT , I did a MTB ride on the Heritage trail for 2.5 hrs with the first 27kms riding up to Mundaring then a fast return for a total of 45kms. I met a number of North Coasters running the trail including Paul , Mez and (Bill training for Kona) It was a good day for it. Not too many riders out on the trail and the legs were pretty done by the end of that ride. Stopped at Mt Helena for a coke as I  had finished my Bidon of drink .


A little erratic but getting there.

Bike: 100km or 4.5hrs with (45km on the MTB)
Run: 38km or 4.5 hrs
Cross Fit : 2hrs
Swim: 4.7km or 2 hrs
Total: 13 hrs

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