Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 13

Sunday's easy run with Molly along the river followed by a swim for Irondog

With Training Partner

Ironman Busselton Training Programme August 2014

Start of Ironman Training begins with a 16 week plan .The first 4 weeks or August have been drawn up and the training begins in earnest.

the past few months have been a general preparation and keeping fit . It is a long build with a few races and adventures to add some variety and spice to training.


Swim in the evening .First swim in several weeks . I followed a Sara McLarty plan with a 400m warm up and then 400 with breathing every 3 strokes (could not do 5 just yet) , 16x 25m with one fast and one easy , 125 x 4 with the last 25m fast , 75m x 4 focus on swim stroke , then 300m recovery and 100m any stroke .total 2.4km . Slowly finding my swim legs but it felt tough getting back into the water.


A long day with morning bike at Birwood Avenue , riding with Exceed. Did a 30 minute session at threshold.I got dropped at the turn around and then joined the group of riders on the second lap and then got dropped again catching up after a 10 minute recovery . Did another 10 minute threshold and a five minute recovery before a 5 minute effort . The HR was definitely high and I was gasping for air. Not quite the session on the programme but it was close. The data on the Garmin will show the efforts and the HR and the effort expended. In the afternoon I ran an easy 7km along the river in East Fremantle. It was actually a really nice and surprisingly warm day for a Perth Winter . In the evening it was cross fit with max weights for the bench Press and Dead lift. I managed to do a PB for the bench press at 60kgs. That was a tiring day.


The legs were very sore and I skipped swimming. I ran at Lunchtime with a hard session of interval running. A 1.3km warm up and then 4 x 1km @4.30 to 5.00 minute pace and 2 x 500m at similar pace. i managed the first two kms at 4.30 and 4.45 pace and the third at 4.49 and the last at 4.57 so I kept within the range. The legs were still tired from the Tuesday ride. Did about 8.3km


It was raining in the morning so I skipped riding. I ran at lunch with an easy 7km @ 6.30 pace and in the evening instead of Cross fit opted for my bike session. I did a 40 plus minutes with high cadence and then rode up Lovekin drive in the big ring trying to keep 70rpms , doing 5 repeats before the darkness , drizzle and pain got the better of me. kings park is a scary place after dark . no cyclist about a few runners with torches and a few cars driving through .

Just too tired for a swim session in the morning and the right hip was sore. I had a massge in the late morning which whilst painful was I presume good for me.In the evening I ran an easy 6km . I was going to do the evening swim session but decided to just have a rest.
Saturday's Session

I was going to ride this morning but with a sore right hip decided to run in the morning and do my ride on Sunday. I took Molly for a 5km run and then ran a further 12km for a total of 17km 9just under) .Then in the afternoon , I did my Cross fit .It turned out to be the Walsh ...and it was a hard session especially 4 rounds of 22 burpee Pull-ups. I slept well that night.


Very sore from the previous days work out but managed to get on the bike. rode to Tim's house an then rode to roe Highway and came back through the Freeway Bike path and South perth with coffee at a Cafe on the way back . It was a slow small chain ring ride and I felt it but managed to finish with 80 kms.

In the evening I ran a short 4kms with Molly and JJ.

Cross fit 2 hrs
Run: 50 km (including 800meters with the15kg plate at cross fit)  or approx 5.15 hrs
Bike: 164 km or  6.5 hrs
swim: 2.4 km or 1 hr

Total: 14.75 hrs

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