Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 1

Saturday's MTB ride on the Railway Heritage Trail to Mundaring

Here begins the preparation for base training and generally just getting fit before the real training begins for Ironman WA.

Lots of running and riding and a little of swimming just to get back to feeling comfortable in the water .

The week began with a run at lunch time 6.5km on the treadmill with 12 x 200m @12kph and the rest easy at 10kph. In the evening  I had an easy run of 4 km and  I had my watt bike session at North Perth alone in a garage doing 1 minute @300plus watts and then 3 minute recovery x 6 with  a warm up and cool down . The sessions whilst short are pretty hard.

Tuesday I just ran again at Lunchtime and in the evening a total of 10km . On Wednesday , a run in the evening and lunchtime for a total of 11km .On Thursday , I had a chiropractic session and then cross fit . With everyone away at Northface , there were just four of us and lots of upper body work .The shoulders were really sore for 3 days after that session.

Friday was a rest day . On Saturday , took my new mountain bike out in the afternoon for a ride along the Railway heritage trail to Mundaring but got a little lost and had to come back the same way .rode 50km .
The tracks were wet from the rain and there was a quiet stillness about at the start

On Sunday , started late morning but managed to get to Helena Valley primary school and the start of the King of the Mountain course. I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up in Piece Brook valley not far from Mundaring Weir Road. I ran back after an 1.10 and did I presume about 22km in 2.20 hr. lots of hills and a few were just took slippery to run up . I got wet on the way back and ran into some 4wheel drivers trying to descend a steep of the rack I was on. The great line was one of the guys asked me where my car was ? I ran pretty slow and I was tired but the legs held up well. No issues the next day so the pace was about right .  I read a good article about Train By Feel by By Matt Fitzgerald .

The week was a good start. I weigh 79.2kgs.Over 9kgs more than my race weight . So it is going to be a long winter of getting the weight down .

Total training;
No swimming
Running : 52 km / 5.5hrs
cycling: watt bike 22.5 km / 45mins
               MTB 50km/3hrs
crossfit : 1 hr
total: 11 hrs