Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Next

What NEXT ?

After Ironman Melbourne , I had a very casual recovery and preparation for the Busselton Half. Work and just a lack of focus added to the lack of preparation and more importantly desire.

Like everything in life , preparation and desire are critical ingredients to "winning". What that is may be achieving a Personal best or a goal in the race. That has waxed and waned over the years and going into Busselton I was out to just finish and enjoy myself. My cross fit sessions helped me survive but having just one ride in the hills and a few short rides, one run and one swim just was not a recipe for a fast let alone a decent race. I also rode my new Road bike a Cannondale frame  . It is a lot lighter but I did not have a TT setup .

The year so far has been a realization of where effort vs outcome are very closely a linear line on a graph with a rapid decreasing return with effort and time.

Busselton 70.3 2013

Ultimately , this year that balance meant less training and the results show.With the lack of training and preparation , weight has slowly crept up and I am now 9 kgs from my ideal race weight. Unfortunately , training will start soon even with more than 6 months to Ironman WA 2014.

Hopefully , the plan all comes together with more concerted planning and a more organised training timetable , not necessarily more hours of training. No PBs yet and the slow return after 2011 season is just starting .I feel I will get there , but it will be a slow meandering journey of self discovery , lots of mistakes and most of all fun . The lesson learnt after losing my way , is that the desire and love of the sport is critical , lose it and burn out and no amount of training will make up for it.

There are times when life and priorities will interrupt the process. Bouncing back and starting over is what makes for the mental character needed in endurance sport.

But sometimes stopping to smell the roses is just refreshing .( as my dog , Molly , constantly reminds me )

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