Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 20 Ironman WA 2013 Race Report

Outside the Merchandise Store

How long is the Busselton Jetty ?

View from the Busselton Information centre
Molly with Medal and Mdot Collar

Outward journey to Tuart Forrest ,Race Day

Finishing with Boris

Running down the finishing chute

Mandatory Pic with medal


Rank: 60
Overall Rank: 805
BIB: 1135
Division: 5054
State: Noranda Western Australia
Country: Australia
Swim: 1:22:11
Bike: 6:00:42
Run: 4:39:21
Overall: 12:14:39
Mission Accomplished . It wasn't slick and it wasn't pretty . But it very much went to plan . Like all 6 previous Busselton Ironman's I was expecting a reasonably hot race and preparing for it . But as the day dawned it was going to be a beautiful cool but windy day . I can't complain. 

I got up at about 3.30am .I had had a restless night sleeping about 2-3 hours.Not a good start to a long racing day but it is just hard sleeping before a race.I wasn't nervous ( done too many now) and got about getting ready for the race. I had toast with cheese and a cup of tea , a 750ml bottle of Infinit and 600ml of water . Norm and Sarah Black gave me a lift to Transition. Unfortunately the 
family have never been to a start of an Ironman or 70.3 race yet ...just far too early to get up for most people.

I got to my bike set up , having placed my bike and run and bike bags at transition the day before. I pumped up my tires in the dark . Must remember to bring a head torch next year . brief chat with my neighbour who recognized me from the Mandurah 70.3  race. lots of familiar faces this being 
a local race for me and my 7th . Got my Infinit concentrate on my bike cages and then got out after a quick toilet stop. Spent some time with Rod and Julianna from my club as we just counted the minutes down. For lots of first timers , it is this gap in time which ties the stomach in knots and the what ifs and doubts fester. All i could think of was getting ready for the swim and being 
amazed at how flat and calm the sea was. 

The foreshore was swelling with people as T1 was closed. I got my gear bag in and got ready .Wishing the many i knew headed to the Far right of the mass start. One of the more spectacular Ironman swim starts has to be Busselton .The aerial pictures of the jetty and the swirl of water as 1600 swimmers surge forward is spectacular. 

Swim Start from IMWA Website

There was the mandatory Australian national Anthem , more waiting and then the professionals were off . I got a quick warm up in the water and then off we went . I stayed out of the major assault and it was a relatively smooth swim start. I tried to stay on someones feet most of the time and succeeded in the main. I had a few issues with the goggles leaking but managed to get that sorted . The first real choke was at the turn around but that was quick and then I was heading back. I was hoping for a better time but concerned  with the lack of swimming I had done this year would translate to a slow time despite the good conditions. I got out of the water in 1.21 and was pretty pleased . The mat time was 1.22 plus . Got into transition and got my wetsuit off , there was no help . Got my bike shoes  and socks on , jersey and out to get the bike.