Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 18 Taper and Interclub Championships 2013

EXCEED TRIATHLON CLUB ,Mandurah 2013 with Molly
On Monday 25 November it was the start of a 2 week taper before Ironman Busselton 2013.(The tenth Anniversary of the race and my 7th ) Not a lot of training left and not a lot that would make a hold difference. I didn't do anything for the first 3 days with work and Molly  my dog having an accident and cutting her paws.

Thursday , did a  treadmill session with 4 x 500m , 2 x1km and 4 x 500m at threshold and ran 10km .I then rode to cross fit did a session and then rode home. On Friday I rode to work and on Saturday , did a 2 hr ride down the coast and back . In the afternoon I had cross fit .It was a good work out .

Sunday was the 2013 Inter Club Championships. Jonathan and Molly came to watch. It was a good hit out a week before the Ironman. The race was a 750m swim , 22 km bike ride and 5 km run. The swim was a little slow although I don't really know what time I did as I did not race with a watch. I found it difficult with the swell to sight .Once out of the water , I had a better transition and felt good on the 2 lap bike course. I averaged about 31 kph and did better than last year I thought  .The run was 5km and I finished pretty strong but again without a watch I slowed down a bit so I wasn't running as hard. The results did come out 2 days later and I did a 1.19.49 which was about 3 seconds faster than 2012 but slower than a shorter 2011 and 2010 course by about 8 minutes.  I had identical swims even though it was a little rougher this year and I thought I had a good bike leg but the time was slow and about 20 seconds faster than last year ( I did a 40.54 ride) and the run was 10 seconds better ( I ran 23.12 mins) .But overall I felt good .I did have a sore back from my Cross fit work out on Saturday but other than that it was a good race before Ironman next weekend.

The challenge is for Exceed Tri Club who retained the Rob Pikard Trophy (for fastest Club or the most points from the first 10  triathletes from each club)  to get more members racing next year as the club has consistently been increasing its membership and participants each year . North Coast won the Presidents trophy back from stadium with the highest points this year . Nothing like some friendly competition. Molly and Jonathan had a great day out and Molly particularly enjoyed playing with Ruby the Goldie in the UWA Tri Club Camp .They were both wearing their club colours and were both 2.5 year old Goldies.

 Short clip by Jonathan

Molly in her true colours as I get ready for the swim

Jonathan and Molly at the Exceed Tent
Picture By Dennis Tan

Happy Dog after a swim

Run : 15km or 1.20hr
Swim: 750m or 15 mins
Bike: 110km or 4.5 hrs
Cross fit : 1.5 hrs
Total: 7hrs.