Sunday, December 15, 2013

IMWA 2013 Race Report Part 2


Busselton Jetty

Pic of the jetty ,the day before the race

Molly recovery with the medal

Running with the flies .Pic by Wilson Mcneil
Bike Course. A 3 lap course of 60km was tough mentally as it was going to be a long day mentally. I managed the first lap comfortably and not going too hard . the wind was in every direction and the Exceed group were cheering at the far end about 7km before the turn around in the forest. that perked up the drudgery of riding. I think I managed a 1.52hr first lap and pretty much did the same for the second lap before slowing a bit in the last lap.I got off the bike in 6 hrs flat although on my watch I thought I had done a 5.54 hr. On the second lap I was tiring and got close to a front cyclist and was warned to back away by the TO on the bike .Thankfully I was still a fair way off .there were a few groups riding and did see some professionals who did not seem to be complying with the regulation 12 meter space between riders.

I got into transition and was given the wrong run bag so I lost a minute getting the right bag. I lathered Vaseline on my feet and got my Hokas on and race belt and drink belt and I was out. Ross Skelton came in just after me and was out just a head of me. He went on to do a PB and was about 30 or 40 minutes ahead so he ran a much faster run than me. I started with a 9 minute mile and held that for the first 5 miles and then slowed into a 10min mile for the next 10. I walked the aid stations but ran consistently throughout the distance. 

On lap 4 I caught up with Boris and ran past him only for him to catch up with me . I slowed a fair bit in the last 4-6km mainly with just fatigue in the quads . I hadn't had any cramps and no nutrition issues. the crowd support in the centre of the laps were great . At the turn a rounds it was less so. I remember it being rather cool and oddly preferred it warmer. The legs held up well. Boris caught up with 6km to go and we ran together and for the last 1.5km he led me through to the finish chute . It was a great finish to the race and the year. It never gets dull when you are called an Ironman. Lots of people beat me and had PBs , but I was very happy with the result. It was a build year and from a 13.10 at last year's IMWA and 15 hr IMNZ time this year , it has been a good solid performance.

The legs were very sore and cramping after the race .Monday there was the mandatory Ironman shuffle but with some soaking in the sea and just walking , the legs slowly settled. I had no blisters , no black nails (other than the one from Mandurah 70.3) It was a good solid performance. I have been back doing cross fit sessions and a little running and biking. I now have a good base to build again and more importantly the mind is in the right place after a really hard start and bouts of just being ill.

The report would not be complete with out the mandatory thanks . Family is everything , their lack of interest is understandable , the hours of selfish training and suffering will put anyone off an Ironman but they persevere and forgive my one vice of Ironman racing . For that I am thankful. 

I must thank my fellow Exceeders and Ross Pedlow for continuing to allow me to make mistakes and ride and run and swim in the periphery of the core training they undertake. I enjoy the camaraderie and the striving to be competitive and race. The support of the members of this small club is invaluable . 

Most of all this year , I must thank Boris , and my fellow cross fitters , they brought back the fun , the variety and the strength I sorely missed . It has revived the spirit and made this race so much more enjoyable. Finally my dog Molly , she has been there for most of the wind-trainer sessions and the easy runs , she deserves the Mdot collar for her unfailing loyalty in the face of just wanting to be taken for walks and smelling stuff  and not training.