Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 16 Post Mandurah recovery


I pulled up pretty well after the 70.3 and the only issue was a blister beneath the toe nail and nothing else.I actually felt pretty good but still decided to have a very light week . With 4 weeks to go , there isn't a lot that is going to make a huge difference. I had Monday off  and on Tuesday ran 7km on the treadmill and then cross fit  in the evening.Did clean and jerks and weighted pull ups totaling about 80 and similar number of clean and jerks and a similar number of wall balls and sit ups.

Tuesday's Session ...The arms were sore

Thursday's session A new use for a pack of cards
Wednesday was another no activity day .Thursday had cross fit .I have yet to say there was an easy session.We had to pick a card at each exercise station with the card dictating the number of reps for 14 exercises.

On Saturday , thankfully I skipped my ride and just did my cross fit . Another hard session of 100 reps of each of 6 exercises. Found them hard especially the Push press and cleans and snatch.Did all the exercises but came up 20 short on the snatch.The body was pretty sore the next day.
On Sunday I did rock up to Cottesloe for a swim. it was pretty lumpy and we managed a very short non wetsuit swim between the needle and the groin but decided to just have coffee. I managed to swallow a fair bit of sea water but felt better swimming back .It was a short 15 minute swim . The rest of the day was just relaxing .One more hard week and then a shorter taper. The training has been good with just a lack of speed work and my having perennial bouts of flu during winter has been difficult. But i am happy with the progress and very realistic about finishing and the sort of times I should complete the race baring any major issues.