Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 17 Last Big Ride

Another reasonably big week.

Its been hot and Monday I had a run around the river at Lunchtime.managed a consistent 5.30 pace for 10kms and kept my heart rate at about 145 to 150 bpm. In the evening I did a further 6km slow at 6minute pace . was going to go to the swim session but just felt tired.

Tuesday .Got up and made it to Nedlands for the bike session.Only problem should have checked the diary as everyone was at Shelley . But I did my session alone with everyone else whizzing past me ...just wasn't feeling strong today. the legs definitely felt a little tired.

In the evening , the cross fit session was a bit of cardio of 2minutes workouts split into 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off x 4 for each exercise and there was about 6 exercise. Then it was a weights session. I managed a 37.5kg snatch and a 55 kg bench press and 45kg  clean and jerk.

Wednesday. Slept in but ran at noon another 10.75km at easy then 6 x 1km at threshold pace and managed to maintain an average 5 minute pace , the first time in a year. It was warm but I held my form and kept the heart rate at about 147 to 152.

Finally made it to a swim session. Nice to feel the water and whilst not fast I am pretty comfortable. Had a 400meter warm up and 300m of drills 50 fist and 50 free and then the main set was 14 x 100m at various paces .Finishing with a 300m cool down .Total 2.4km.

Thursday. Cold morning but great weather.No lights needed as it was bright. I headed to Nedlands .The session was 5minutes easy followed by 4minutes at thresholds  and 1 minute at high cadence small gear and 3 minutes at threshold pace as many times as possible in the hour.Total time about 1.45 with 50 km done .I followed Ross and a few heading back through Thomas Road as they were going to Leederville for breakfast ...just a longer route back to the city after a hard session.

Start of Thursday's riding session at Nedlands

Friday.Great , I had a late start as I was attending Jonathan's School assembly at 9am so I slept in . I did do a late afternoon run (had  my lunch break at 3.30pm) Ran 8km in the sun but ran it easy . After work did a further 4km and then my swim session which was 2.4km made up of 200m warm up, 400m drills with flippers and then the main set was 300m x 3, 200m x 3 and 200m x 2 and a cool down . Legs were pretty spent .

Molly mid way through her run with a pit stop
Saturday : final long ride before Busselton. Left just after 5.40am and headed to the city and then the Freeway Bike Path.At Mount Henry Bridge , Nicole and friends passed me and I jumped on to their wheel.For the next 30-40 km I had company and a bit of help. We also had a tail wind as they were doing 36 to 42kph .At 60km I turned back and headed home .It was hard with a headwind and no company. Took 4 hours 10 minutes with an average of 29.6kph .Got to Metrio where  I had a drink with the few Exceed riders around who did the Hills loop , then headed home.Rode 122km and then ran with molly for 4km .It was pretty hot and I think she was pretty stuffed. In the afternoon another good but hard cross fit session .

Sunday .I ran 6km at cottesloe and then had a really short swim as the water was pretty rough and just didn't feel like having a hard swim session so it ws coffee and muffin at daisies .

A good last week of training before the taper.

Run: 4.5hrs or 49kms
Swim: 2.12 hrs or 5kms
bike: 7.5 hrs or 214 kms
Cross fit : 2 hrs
Total: 16.12 hrs

 Taper starts and final preparation for Busselton Ironman. unfortunately after the last ride my Garmin died as it just will not recharge so it goes back to be serviced and I will be borrowing a Garmin for the race.

part of the preparation is a checklist and just reading a few tips on getting prepared. I was asked on the weekend if I get nervous. Not really anymore , the familiarity of racing has helped .

Interesting guide:

Checklist:Link to setting up your own checklist for Ironman
Preparation Mentally: How to be ready when the canon goes ‘BOOM’ by Christian Manetta
Ironman Mental Preparation:Ironman Preparation by Endurance Sports Institute