Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 3

Training partner
Despite a cough and a mild dose of the flu I have soldiered on ...thankfully.

Monday  Run in the arvo and evening for a total of just under 15kms with 10km on a treadmill and in the evening 3km on my own and 2km with Molly . I also had an hour swim on my own. Did a 500m warm up with 200 with paddles and then 500,400,300,200 and 100 free with a 100m cool-down breaststroke and backstroke. felt a lot better in the water but a long way to go.

Tuesday .Got up at 4.30 am started driving down to the city when it started to rain and turned back as I wasn't prepared to risk getting wet or sick again. Ran at lunch on a treadmill with some speed work (7.2km)and in the evening did a hour wind-trainer session with 3 x 4minutes threshold efforts and ran 2km off the bike with Molly .

Wednesday. Missed swimming with work but ran up to Kings park and back just under 10kms . It was a slow and hard 10km run with the coughing and spluttering from the remnants of the flu .

Thursday was another wet day and decided not to ride int he morning. I did get to Cross fit and it was a good session and I ran 2km for a warm up.

Friday .I had my bike fit session with Al Nichols and then had a 6km run at yokine and a swim .It was raining but stuck at the swim training with the emphasis on technique.swimming is the toughest discipline at the moment as I try to get back to some form. Swam about 2km with lost of drills and technique . The arms were sore from cross fit  and worse after the swim .

Mundaring Weir 17 August 2013 Morning Ride

Saturday .It turned out to be quite a pleasant day. I headed for the hills and it was wet and there were few riders about . I got to Kalamunda feeling pretty good and focusing on my cycling technique and with a new set up the neck and back did hurt a  little.On the way back I struggled with the lack of nutrition and will need to take gels from now on .I did not get wet till the last 30 minutes when it started to rain. I did an easy run of 3kms with Molly off the bike .

In the afternoon it was  a pretty full on cross fit session.We had to work in teams and ours had four so we managed to do all the rounds which included 600 wall balls and  400 push ups 300 ring rows 500 push press and 1500 m rowing . The arms and legs and everything else is sore.

Sunday was going to be a ride and run but I ended up just riding to Fremantle with Tim and having breakfast at daisies and then cycling  back .

If there is a lesson in training it is

be sensible
Make the training fit around the schedule called life
Don't sweat the small stuff

read a piece by Mary Eggers in XTRI called Meaning
Just don't get caught up in the hype of training and beating PBs and others

Week 3
Run:  45km or 4.40hrs
Swim: 2 hrs or 4km
Bike: 184kms or 7.30 hrs
Cross fit : 2 hrs
Total 16 hrs