Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 2

Saturday's Wind Trainer session with Molly

Week 2 started well but the dreaded Flu resurfaced with a persistent cough and was made worse with the rain through the week.

Monday .I managed to run at Lunch time and in the evening doing about 12.5km .I ran with Molly in the evening and she was pretty tuckered out at the end. No swimming as I was already feeling a little  funny on Sunday evening. 

On Tuesday I thought I was well enough to venture out and 2 big mistakes , one was getting out and  the other was heading for Nedlands with everyone going to Shelley. Well at least it was me and one other Exceeder at Nedlands and I did my full hour as hard as I could .It was raining all the way through and I got soaked. Made it to cross fit and did the hour but had to rush home . I had a really difficult night coughing and so Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday's Farewell to Jenna

With the weather on Thursday not much better I skipped the ride and did go to cross fit with a warm up run on the thread mill . It was a good hard session to farewell Jenna heading to Canada .I managed all the stations and got to 145 Air squats with high knees. The arms were still sore from the Pull-ups. 

Friday again was just running after work and did about 12km and 4km with the dog .Saturday was slight wet and decided to just do a wind-trainer session which was 1.40 with 2 x20 at Threshold and 5 x 1minutes at hard and the rest at recovery. molly slept by the bike for the most part and kept me company whilst I watched the 2012 Kona DVD. I then ran for a bout 2.5km  easy. In the afternoon it was a ride to cross fit and back for 30kms and a relatively shorter session but intense ending with 75 snatches with a 15kg bar. 

The week turned out shorter than planned but at least the cough is improving and I wasn't as sick as a month ago. 

Whilst no where near as strong as 2 years ago I do feel I am getting better.

The week:
Swimming : None
Running : 3.20 or 30kms
Bike: 4.30 hrs or 125km 
Cross fit: 3hrs
Total: 10.50