Monday, August 26, 2013

Easy Week... WEEK 4

City View From Mt Henry Bridge Saturday Easy Ride
View of the City from Point Walter On the Morning Ride
Saturday's Session
Working out at BorisFit
The first of the easy weeks in the programme . It was nice to have Monday off as I was pretty tired after the weekend of rides and cross fit and running. I was down to swim but just could not get up on Monday morning and my legs were still tired even in the evening.

On Tuesday I did my own ride , cycling the loop in King's Park for an hour and ten minutes and then running for 4 km off the bike . I had cross fit in the evening which made it a tough day. On Wednesday I ran in the evening for 4.5km and the swim session which was 2km all up.
Thursday , bike session with Exceed at Nedlands. I have switched my wheels with some heavier Shimano wheels I picked up for $40.00 .They are heavier but strong and great for training. The morning session was 5 minutes efforts at threshold , fast and easy repeated 4 times for the hour session. It was 50kms with the ride out and back from Nedlands.I managed to stay with the group I was riding with and took a turn in front .

In the afternoon I ran 5km on the treadmill and then did my cross fit .Another tough day for the legs. Friday I was tired and so elected to swim as the run was only optional. It was another 2km effort with mainly 100 metres at different speeds. Saturday , I had a break from the hills with a 3 hour easy ride round the river. Then coffee with the rest of the Exceed group and a ride home. I ran off the bike and did an easy 4km with Molly .In the afternoon cross fit.

Sunday was a slow easy run .I did 16 km with coffee at Metrio's at the mid point.

The week:
Swim; 2hrs or 4 km
Bike: 5.10 hrs or 150kms
Run: 3.45 or 33kms
Cross Fit :3hrs total: 13hrs
(Molly did close to 8km of running)