Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 1

Sunday's Ride round the river

Tim at breakfast in South Perth

A good start is when you step out and make that first step.

This week , I managed at least to make a start . Monday was running at Lunch up to Kings Park via the Kokoda Trail which for me meant walking it as the steps were just too steep. It was a good 7.5km and in the evening I ran another 6.5 to make about 14km and then swam for 1600m .It was the first swim in over 3 months so felt weird. Definitely felt that the body needed to get back into a more correct position so there will be work to do to be more streamlined and efficient.

Tuesday . Back on the circuit at Victoria Avenue in Nedlands . Did a 30minute fast , 15 minute recovery and 15 minute fast with the girls. Just managed to hang on and not get dropped. The cold morning air was hard on the throat and I was coughing and spluttering and gagging .I will need to bring my Ventolin puffer. Cross fit in the evening with a 3km run on a thread mill.

Wednesday.Was supposed to be a swim and short run but my sore back and work made this a good rest day.

Thursday was a full on day with an early start getting to Nedlands . Rode 10 minute efforts with a 5 minute recovery and managed about 3 and a bit  before the hour .All in a good effort and I tried to stay at threshold but every rise meant some effort above threshold. Got back to the office by 7.30am and 46km . At lunchtime I did a 35  minute session on the thread mill and ran 6.3 km with efforts along the way.

In the evening it was a cross fit session and that really was hard. Did the full session and finished all the exercises for the first time . One long day .

Friday . Again a thread mill session at Lunch time and ran 6.5km and swam in the evening . Was the first proper swim session with 2km all up but lots to work on .

Saturday : I was riding on my own .Headed to the Hills for a 3 hour ride. Got as far as Mundaring Weir Road and then turned back . I was riding back the same way. It was cold and there was fog on Darlington Road as I descended to ride to Mundaring Village . Managed 76 km in a slow ride.

After the ride it was a short run with Molly covering just 3 kms. Then in the arvo it was another cross fit session of 45 minutes. The legs were tired but managed to do 5 rounds of 11 stations although the arms were still sore from Thursday .

Saturday's crossfit session
Sunday was suppose to be an hour ride and run but I ended up doing a a ride with Tim on the MTB for 45 kms .It was a beautiful day although I had a slight cough and decided not to push too hard in case I came down with something.

All up it was a good first week .

Crossfit approx 2.30 hrs
Run :  33kms or approx 3 hours
Swim: 1.5hrs or 3.5km
bike : 215 km or 8.5 hrs