Monday, May 27, 2013

Training With Boris

The Saturday session

It is the off season and no training or little training for the past 2.5 months is now over. I have started back on strength training and a bit of running and cycling.

With every start , the muscles have been tested and sore. I have had 3 sessions of cross fit type work outs with Boris. (that's his nickname ) They are pretty tiring and after the Saturday session my arms and legs were just sore for a few days.

On Monday I have been doing a spin class in the gym just for a change .

Tuesday has been a work out session and I will be cycling in the near future. On Wednesday it was hill repeats at Kings Park for an Hour.Thursday was crosfit again .Feeling the pain from using muscles I did not know I had.

We had a good work out and I did start late rushing from work. It is intense and challenging.I cannot do one pull up presently without bands  but even then with repeated pull ups my arms were /are still hurting.

On Friday , I did a 1.15 bike session around Kings park and Cottesloe and Nedlands and then a 11 km run . It was quite tiring having to carry the weight despite it being a slow run . I did not ride as planned on Saturday as i had a wedding reception to attend and then rushed back for my Cross fit session. called The Engine Fail / 1 hour cut off meaning you probably won't make it to the end before your Engine Fails. The legs were feeling it in the end and my left knee was sore as was my calf .On Sunday I struggled out of bed and ran down the coast . only did a 12 km run . By 10km the left calf wand knee were hurting from the session the night before. I decided it would be safer to rest for the rest of the day.

My first complete week of training .I had dropped about 2 kg and now weigh 78.6 kg .Still massive but heading in the right direction. I have got a meal plan and hopefully if I can follow most of the guidelines I will be able to shed the kilos.

June is the start of  Base training with my Saturday rides back in with a series of great rides planned.