Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Heavy Weight

Starting back with Molly watching

My slow long recovery and preparation is coming together.It is now 7 months and 4 days to Ironman Busselton 2013.

I only have one race for the remainder of the year and possibly a few marathons and runs in the build up .Uppermost is the focus on strength and weight.

It starts with a visit to a dietitian , Boris , whom I first met  almost 10 years ago when I weighed nearly 100kgs and was on high blood medication.My doctor sent me to Boris to work on a diet plan to get my weight down . That and the start of going to the gym did take the weight off .

What really caused it to drop rapidly was when I started triathlon training and particularly in 2007 when I was at 75 to 76 kgs . unfortunately this year , I have steadily climbed back to 81kgs but the fatigue of training and the injury last year have been a major stumbling block in maintaining a training regime. But there has to be a start to everything. Ideally it would have been better to have been a few kilos lighter starting out but it isn't impossible.

Had an interesting discussion with Boris and will keep a food diary and try to follow a better dietary plan he will draw up.

Chris McCormack wrote about his views on Weight and I largely share his philosophy although I am no where near where I should be weight wise. My best time was not achieved with my lowest weight but close to it.

How Chris McCormack changed weight to speed

Chris McCormack on the Race Weight debate
( Both articles are from triathlete Magazine )

Whilst not the only issue Diet and what I have been eating continues to be a major factor .

After a short break over ANZAC week , I have started back riding on Wednesdays and running on Fridays .Short runs but with the undulation of Kings park it is a good run with company. On Friday night , I was sputtering towards the end .