Friday, May 3, 2013

The Making Of Ironmen

Straits Times Article 3 May 2013

Whilst I have primarily been inactive , this is my vegetative stage . Ironman training and there are several events on this weekend.There is Ironman Port Macquarie with many West Australians racing . There is the Taiwan Challenge race as well. Good luck to the many who have got themselves to the start line.

Enrico was interviewed in the Singapore Straits Times by Lydia Vasko for the lifestyle section about his selection for the Kona Ironman World Championships.His 16th race . A good read and with some great quotes.What caught my eye was the many truths about Endurance racing repeated many times in this Blog and many others.
  1. It is a core group of dedicated athletes who step up.
  2. We all at the beginning thought it was impossible  .
  3. With dedication and a plan , we astound ourselves and others.
  4. It takes time and effort 
  5. Ability and capability are not enough .Desire and will absolutely necessary

As Enrico points out :
Nothing like completing a race to give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment .It is a very strong anchor which you carry with you

There is a growing band of athletes , taking a step into the unknown each day. My Facebook page is filled with the activities and training of these small dedicated group. They provide a beautiful backdrop of the kaleidoscope of training each morning and evening .

My life is much the richer for the friends and acquaintances I have met in this endurance journey. I am reminded how much more enjoyable it is to share that run with friends as I ran round Kings Park this evening with fellow triathletes. ( despite the extra weight and the puffing).

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