Thursday, December 6, 2012

The pointy End

Busselton Jetty 

The great thing about a local race ie Ironman Western Australia is that it is just down the road.I head down to Busselton tomorrow morning and the car is packed with all the gear and much more.The accommodation booked and all the training is done. It has been a very relaxing week training wise and a hectic one at the office so there has been no time to become anxious about the race or sit and fret .

It will be interesting for the fact I have gone into this race very much under done but that may be a good thing.I will know on Sunday evening baring any mechanical failures .

The weather is shaping up to be quite qood this weekend .I have done all I can and it is just now staying focused and executing the plan. I plan to enjoy this race as much as I can.

At the inter club race last week  , the race director asked all the triathelete to do 3 things:-
  1. Smile as you cross the finish line 
  2. Thank a volunteer
  3. Cheer a fellow triathlete on
I plan. to try and do all 3 on Sunday.