Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Carbon Free Ride

Tanjung Beach ,Sentosa
After the Swim ...3 km plus slowly

About to Start the run
Slow and steady in the heat

After the run

The past 10 days post IMWA have been very much vegetating as I got over the soreness and fatigue.A lot of sleep and mulling over the race as I try to gather up the motivation for IMNZ 2013.

It has been largely a year of survival rather than of improvement or consolidation , regrettably but an unfortunate reality for many in Triathlon I am sure.The focus will have be to gaining strength and reducing weight but that will be long term goals and IMNZ will be more just getting through the race .

The next 2 weeks is more enjoying the holiday and travel and trying to do some strength exercises.

I catch up each year with a group of triathletes in Singapore and made it to the regular Saturday swim at Tanjung Beach , Sentosa. I did a slow 3 km plus swim and a short 4.7km run .It was a little humid but the water was nice and calm .After the swim /run brick session it was a late brunch at the nearby food centre .
This session was my version of the Carbon Free ride Exceed were having today which I miss each year because I am away. The swim /bike made up for it as it was really quite nice swimming in the lagoon with the water nice and warm and flat with the many ships anchored of the island . the run was a little hot but I just kept it easy and hoping that I will be able to shed some weight by March.