Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seven ways to Live Happier...

A relatively relaxing Sunday. I went to Yoga yesterday.My only activity for the week with physio and rest .  I slowly ease back into a build for the next race Ironman Busselton 2012 .

Today and overnight I began following IM Texas and Lanzarote. They both looked tough in their own right. Some good results from Exceed triathlete Rod who did a PB with 9.44 and was 5th in his age group . Chrissie Wellington was at the race and Expo. and gave a  short interview and was a co presenter at the Race . It was a great insight yet again into the toughest triathlete on the Planet at present. For the record Jordan Rapp who has bounced back from a near fatal motor vehicle accident a few years ago won as did Mary Beth Ellis , the Women's pro race.

Picture and story from The Houston Chronicle

Lanzarote was won by relative unknowns at least in this part of the world .But the reputation of lanzarote is reflected in the times and the field it attracts.
Triathlete Europe : Lanzarote Report
Of all the races on the Ironman calendar, Lanzarote has the most fearsome reputation. Brutal hills, relentless winds and a heat that bounces off the lava fields all combine to make for a truly testing event. And one that brings the best in the business back again and again. Because while some athletes thrive on the quicker courses, a few return to Lanzarote year after year to test their mettle at the notorious race. This year was no different. 1,544 athletes started Lanzarote this year, and as a testament to the quality of the field, all but 344 were out of the water within 1:20 of the gun going off.

The rest of the week was exploring websites and reading and relaxing. The arm and neck are still sore and the rm weak with the muscles probably out of kilter .The physio helps but only last a few hours before it begins to get stiff and sore again. I start some strength work and hopefull that will help.

Finally came across some great reads on Yoga , care of helen ( yoga teacher) and some sites i read from time to time:

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I like the last reason in particular.