Friday, May 25, 2012


Whilst driving to an appointment I stumbled on an interview on ABC Radio National  of the CEO for CPA Australia , Alex Malley.

He had managed to get a rare interview with Neil Armstrong ...The first man on the Moon.I remember where I was and the defining moment in Man's History.

As a young boy I did not understand or appreciate the significance of that moment.More importantly learning from individuals who lead from the front .What made Armstrong , the US Administration and NASA such galvanised entities trying to reach the goal of landing on the Moon.The qualities needed to achieve this aim.

The interview explores the qualities needed in leadership.It is not about intelligence and capacity alone.Sadly the one quality not prized is the sense of humanity.What is it to be human .It separates us from all other living beings. A sense of community and value system , not self  preservation.All leaders do not necessarily have that .But great leaders and great sports teams and great companies have .

A brief summary of the desired qualities :
  1. It is a determination and desire .A conviction.A commitment
  2. Preparation , discipline and time-management
  3. A dream a Desire , a Hope and a will
  4. and some add unselfishness for the greater good of the group .

Neil Armstrong embodies some of these fine qualities and a glimpse of what made America what it is.

Inculcating and teaching these qualities isn't in computers or technology and can't easily be taught .Hence the emphasis on Science at the sacrifice of liberal arts and knowledge and learning everywhere is a backward step. It is causing ructions in society as we lose our way in a modern fast furious pace life. We learn from the river of life and as Neil Armstrong states some experiences in life build backbone.These are the treasured lessons of leadership.

Many successful people have developed these qualities in the sports arena.We can't see the forest from the trees . We fail the future .

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