Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marion Clignet - TENACIOUS

Marion Clignet

This past month , I have been reading a book given to me by Suresh Rajan.he is the Executive officer of Epilepsy WA and treasurer / fellow Board member of Ethnic Disability Advocacy centre.

Mario Clignet was on a speaking tour of Australia to speak about Epilepsy and her experience.Her book ends with the line where there is a will there is a way.Like all great athletes , theirs is a story despite all obstacles determination will overcome.For Marion it was the condition of Epilepsy .She went on to become a :

Cyclist, Marion Clignet had been crowned World Champion six times, as well as double Olympic Silver Medalist, ten times French national champion and multiple USA champion, plus a world record breaker in a lengthy and illustrious career in the sport, all despite taking medication for epilepsy.

She was in Perth last year and gave a talk.I have attached a short link to a brief article about the talk by Tony Inman
Marion Clignet -Tenacious

I enjoyed the book and the insights for a woman suffering epilepsy yet captivated , motivated and wanting to be the best she could be in cycling.She did not make the US Women's Olympic cycling team but was invited to join the French team and went on to record many victories. She rode the equivalent of the men's Tour De France but unfortunately professional women's cycling was not as lucrative or recognised as the mens.

She is an inspiration to all. I am thankful for the gift from Suresh and the kind words Marion wrote in the cover of the book which i will treasure.