Friday, May 18, 2012

Knowing and Worth

Donna Sumner Queen of Disco and  my youth. RIP

A quiet week of physiotherapy .

One of contemplation and reflection.

I seem to come across a recurring theme .In all the training and life experiences .Two key issues come up.Keeping it simple and that takes many shapes. Living a life with simple rules. Living a simple life .living within ones means all lead to a more stress free life.Following a simple plan has more chance of a successful result obviously.

The second knowing value and worth . Not terribly easy to appreciate or know .For me it is very much the conundrum in life like training .Knowing how to pace is critical to success.yet so very hard to know or understand intuitively for myself and many .Easy for others.

And from life lessons , we seem to get better with practice .

Without sounding too complex.These thoughts came about from reading and watching the week unfold .One was an article by Scott Pape , the barefoot investor. The trust of the piece is about fear .fear of losing and that applies to investing as to racing.But what i took out of the piece was a simple truth .Warren Buffett still lives in the same house he purchased in 1931 .he is very happy wit the place despite being a billionaire.As Scoot puts it "he wasn';t sweating on buying  a beamer"

Scott goes on to say :

Like Buffett, I realised I was going to be wealthy at a young age, and it was because I had the good fortune to grow up in a little country town in a house that cost my old man less than I spent on my first car (a 1966 XP Falcon).

We were never wealthy, but we had lots of family and friends around us. You're wealthy too. If you're in doubt, go to Vietnam and compare superannuation balances with a local.

Losers are those who feel poor among their "richer" friends, and I've met many, including multi-millionaires, who feel this way.
Why is warren buffett still laughing

The second about value came about from the Q& A programme which is on ABC .A panel discussion with questions from the audience and by email to  the panel of politicians , social commentators , business leaders and academics and even the odd celebrity.

this week Penny Wong Minister of Finance and Joe Hockey Shadow Treasurer was asked about gay marriage .
This was the dialogue:

But Wong was not expecting such a personal question on Monday night – as is clear from her look of surprise and intake of breath when the question was asked. And then from her off-the-cuff response to Hockey's answer.
The shadow treasurer certainly squirmed under the spotlight of live national TV.
"I must confess my views have changed since I've had children", he said. "I think in this life we've got to aspire to give our children what I believe is the very best circumstances, and that's to have a mother and a father.''
In response, Wong began with: ''Well, there's almost nothing I can say.''
''When you say those things, Joe, what you're saying to not just me but people like me is that the most important thing in our lives, which is the people we love, is somehow less good, less valued,'' she said.
Wong went on to acknowledge that comments like Hockey's were hurtful, but concluded by saying: ''I know what my family is worth.''
Sydney Morning herald article by Judith Ireland

The issue for me was not the gay marriage issue but the telling comment I know what my family is worth.More importantly do we stop to think about value and worth which is to appreciate and treasure what we have and value. That is a start and that is a recurring theme in life. Value and the simplicity of life .