Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mundaring Weir Ride

At Mundaring Dam Picture by Hannah Highfield
At the dam midway thru the ride (Pic by Keith Hickey)

On the way to Kalamunda for Coffee Taking the scenic route (Pic by Janna Highfield)
Another week of training over .

On Wednesday I had my morning swim session and before that I ran 5km easy .It was cold and dark but a fair number of runners were running .I was pretty warm after the run and that made getting into the pool lots easier .We did a warm up and some drills with the main section 6 x 250m and then a cool down I did about 2.4 km all up.I was last in the lane but only about 50 m behind the group.

In the afternoon I did a 11km run at threshold pace which was about 5.11 to 5.15 per km. I could not run with the Running Centre group this week unfortunately as I had work. On Thursday , it was riding to work and 4 loops of Kings park and the slow climb on a fairly gradual gradient. Friday was a light day with a swim and a run but I had a whole day seminar and so had an unplanned rest day .

The Seminar was organised by the Australian Lawyers Alliance of which I am a member and opening the Seminar was none other than the WA Governor  Malcolm McCusker . A great example of an individual  trying to make a difference in the World .

I had to get up early on Saturday for the ride in the hills.I rode to Loftus Street in the city where we met up and then rode to Great Eastern Highway and up Greenmount Hill. Keith led the way and was strong climbing. We then rode through Glen Forrest and headed for Mundaring weir road and rode it to Kalamunda .We had coffee and croissants at the French Cafe at Kalamunda called Le Croissant before heading down via zig-zag hill. I rode a total of 110km but lost my Garmin data whilst downloading the data.I was quite happy with the ride and felt comfortable on the climbs and strongest on the downhill sections.

I got home at 11am and ran off the bike for 30 minutes and did 6km . I felt pretty comfortable and the weather was really good. I was a little overdressed so it was warm for me in the hills. I swam in the afternoon but stopped after 1/2 an hour as I had a earache. My throat was a little sore yesterday so they may be related but it did not seem to have affected the training.

This weeks training:

Swim ; 1.5hrs or 3km
Run: 4 hrs or 40km
bike: 8.00 hrs or 210km

Finally , I have attached the link to my interview on 6EBA a few weeks ago on "EthnicAbility"

John Cooke & Suresh Rajan - Triathlon and charity

The Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre presents "EthnicAbility", a half-hour radio program on disability, ethnicity and everything in between.
The program is funded predominantly by EDAC with some sponsorship from the Disability Services Commission of WA.