Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

Depeche Mode : I CAN'T GET ENOUGH , Great Memories of a misspent youth

Week 2 of Training is nearly over. I have kept to the routine accept for a rest day on Thursday deciding not to do a wind trainer session.

Monday I skipped my swim session after the Sunday run but I did do a 10km easy run at lunch time .It was a little wet with a drizzle midway through the run . Legs were still hurting a little. In the evening it was the final NCTC Committee meeting.

On Tuesday it was up early and down to Nedlands for a 20km time trial .It was going to be hard and it was. I was passed by Julianna after 2km and just stayed on her wheel for the rest of the ride.My legs were screaming and full of lactic acid. It was a hard ride. I did just over 34minutes which doesn't count as I was drafting. Not one of my better time trials. In the evening it was off to Perry lakes for the run training.It was a really nice evening and we all had to do a warm up and then a 3 km time trial.legs were just tired but not hurting as much. I managed a 12.53 time which was pretty good . It does mean that the Interval pace that i will have will be greater than last seasons training.

On Wednesday I did make it to swim training and we did a 2.3 km swim session.I felt slow even with the flippers but my arms are slowly feeling stronger. I am still lagging behind the group in lane 1 . Breakfast after swimming at  TXTSHOTS . I had a large breakfast of french toast and bacon and maple syrup .It was just too much.

In the evening it was a run starting at the Running Centre.Lauren was back from IM Switzerland and was running that night . Lots of familiar faces.I started off with the 10 km group and soon led the way .The legs were feeling good and I did not get passed till about the 5km mark and then I could not stay with the fast runners .I turned back after passing the University at Jojos Restaurant on the river about 7km into the run . I then ran back along the river and did a 14 km run at under 5 minute pace.If the Garmin is to be believed it was at 4.31 pace although my HR rate was way above norm which can't be right.

Thursday was suppose to be a wind trainer session but I decided the body was due for a break. The legs were pretty tired with 50km of running in 4 days. I had a rest day and swam again on Friday morning.

Getting up is the hardest bit but I felt I was a little stronger in the water this morning. There is a definite difference in the strength of my right arm to my left and it makes my action of breathing on my right a lot more disjointed and cumbersome as my left arm is outstretched as I am trying to breathe through on my right. I feel more confident and smoother breathing on my left when my dominant right arm is outstretched and my balance is better. I am hopeful that as I get stronger the swim will improve. We did a 1000 warm up with various drills for 500m and then 20 x 50 m at 1.10 pace with rest and then a 300m cool down .It was a good session and I stayed with a group of 3 swimmers.After the swim session I had breakfast at TXTshots with the usual suspects . Just toast and coffee this time , could not have a heavy breakfast .

In the evening I did a 35 minute easy run and felt really comfortable. I skipped my core workout .I will have to do that another day.

Saturday , I had a good sleep in. I just fell asleep on Friday night by 10pm and slept till 7am .The exhaustion of the week catching up with me. I had a late start for my wind trainer session but possibly just trying to avoid the 3 hrs on the wind trainer. It was going to be a Coach Troy's Spinerval session aptly entitled Tough Love.

Greatest Torture Known to Pea brained Triathletes
I had issues with the sound from the DVD but otherwise it was just a hard mind numbing exercise. I could not do some of the stand and climb exercises for the duration required as the legs were just hurting so much. I had jelly beans and water and had to change my top midway from the perspiration. My cap was just soaked through.. I had a short break to change my top again at the end and then ran for 30 minutes .I did about 5km and I was really feeling light headed at the end , probably from the lack of food or a realisation that my rather small brain had shrunk and was bouncing around in the brain cavity.My legs are refusing to communicate with the other parts of the body.

Not so sure about the run tomorrow.

Swim: 2 hrs or 5.5km
Run: 4.25 hrs or 40km
bike: 4.45 hrs or 140km