Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its All about the breakfast

Breakfast after swim session on Wednesday 3/8/11

Ross after his bike/run.Training for ITU Beijing and he enjoys smashing James

The bikes lined up against the wall

Breakfast at Tigers after Saturdays ride

Alistair ...Kona Bound
I am humbled by the concern shown following my blog with my programme.

It is tough but on balance I have built in sessions that aren't terribly hard and more recovery .In addition I don't expect I will be able to start some of the sessions given the weather currently. But the concern is appreciated and I will try not to run myself into the ground.I am deeply conscious of how most triathletes believe more is good.

It is a useful experiment early in the programme to see if I can get some solid base with emphasis on my running.

That said my attention was drawn to a very interesting radio interview of Gerald Stone on the ABC on Tuesday night ( 2 August) as I drove home after run training.Gerald was a producer on 60 minutes in Australia and a journalist for over 40 years.

He has just written a book about his life here in Australia, being a recent migrant from the USA this past 40 odd years. His book is about his career and Australia of the 60s and 70s.

What is clear. Australia was a mono culture with rigid rules .In less than 50 years it is now a multi cultural , pluralistic and diverse society .

Interview of Gerald Stone by Richard Fiddler (ABC Radio)

What lots of Australians in the Fifties and Sixties according to Gerald Stone may not have quite appreciated was how great a country they were living in. He moved his family to Australia because of the cold war and the real threat of a nuclear attack on the US and what he had heard about Australia from family who had served in the US Navy during the war.

A remarkable journey and life .

The week started off with the first swim in the morning for 3 months . It was a good return although I am struggling with my swimming at the moment. I have de-conditioned a bit and I favour my right arm and breathing on the left as I believe I am not as strong when I am swimming with my left arm outstretched and my balance and core is of. Will need to work on it more. I am looking forward to getting back into the ocean in a months time.

I did a 2.6 km swim session and ran on Monday evening on my own. Did 11.5 km with a reasonable /moderate pace . ON Tuesday it was back to cycling at Nedlands and breakfast at Tigers. The weather was bad and got pretty wet as I struggled to put my rain jacket on. I then had run training at Perry lakes with Brad .It was fortunately a light session .Did about 6.5km .

Wednesday was back into the pool and  another 2.6km session and I ran at lunch time as I had a meeting in he evening .I did a loop of Kings Park and returned along STIRLING Hwy. It was a nice day and again ran about 11km .On Thursday morning it was cycling to work with lops round Kings Park grinding up the hill getting passed by a group of cyclist who may have been from Stadium Tri Club.
I rode home in the evening and it was an easy ride

On Friday I decided to just do my 30min run with some core work .It was a very light day .I could not make the swim session.

Saturday was cold but fine weather wise and I rode with the Exceed Club round the river and Shelley .It was a little tough in parts and with the ride to the city and back I did about 88km. I ran off the bike for 30 minutes very easy and probably did about 4.5km.

Overall the week hasn't been too hard . Tomorrow isthe  Perth Half Marathon and I will know how tired my legs are.

Bike : 7hrs or 188km
Swim : 2 hrs or 5.2km
Run: 3.45 hrs or 38km ( not including the long run tomorrow)