Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busselston Half Ironman 2010 Pictures

These are pictures taken by David Tan .Otherwise I would not have any pictures of the race other than pictures taken by the official photographer and the few snaps I take before and after the race.

Since my last short race report I have had a bit more time to ponder the results and analyse the hell out of them . The bottom line is that racing a triathlon can be very simple or so complicated your head hurts. I tend to over analyse the race but when all is said and done it really is about swimming , cycling , running and getting though transition quickly. I will be more concious of where I am on the course especially to avoid being pulled up for drafting . It hurts and I feel a little traumatised by the episode especially as my bike leg in the 2nd lap fell back. I suspect as I just cruised for the last 10km while I got over the shock. Being able to refocus is really so critical . There was the usual anger at the race marshalls but well they are calling it as it is and I have decided to cancel the contract I did want to take out on her.Others I know are less forgiving . But as I keep reminding myself , I am not racing sheep stations just my own time and a PB .

I will in the process of chasing down that illusive improvement , will take pleasure in the numerous friends I would love to beat.

After a short break from training , it will be back to preparation for the City to Surf Marathon , the painathon if it is on in August , IMWA and possibly the Audax ride to Albany in October if I get a spot.(it is currently fully subscribed)