Sunday, May 9, 2010

The End of the Season

After the Busselton Half Ironman last weekend , it was time for some down time before my next cycle of training and the sub-heading of this Blog.

I did one swim session this week on Friday evening and had some one to one coaching with Ross as there were not many at the pool. My technique seems good and it is really developing power and strength and a kick .So the focus will have to remain on the swim with more measurement of improvement after the slow swim time at busselton.

On Saturday morning it was a river ride with the whole crew in steel bikes .I had my first bike a raceline aluminium road bike with carbon I got a penalty for having carbon. We had 3 coffee stops so bought coffees at the first and second stop ( made a contribution) It was great to see the group. Lots of individuals successes and podium finishers so I felt privileged training amongst them. I had a talk with Ross on Friday evening and whilst I have made lots of mistakes with my approach to races , it still doesn't beat having the enjoyment in training and preparing for an Ironman with really good triathletes. I am stronger mentally and physically for it. After my afternoon with Bob Thomas , it is humbling to be able to enjoy what I have each day . It can be a grind at times early morning sessions and hard sessions but it beats being a couch potato.

Had lots of advice on the ride about trying to lose weight which will be the number one priority for the next 6 months.