Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Motivation and Inpiration

It is now 4 days to Ironman WA and Iam feeling relaxed and good and excited.

Its been a very light session today with a 30 min run on the threadmill and a 30 min swim . Ispent most of the evening getting my gear together and reading the IM Cozumelrace reports and enjoyed Joceyln wongs IM florida race report .She did a sub 10 and 6 years earlier had done a 13 hr IM time ...that is truly inspirational.

but it took alot of hard work with Team TBB and a good coach . I have followed the Wongstars blog off and on and she has done 3 Im races in 5 weeks and 6 this year .In cozumel she did a 10.37 .

There was lots of such inpirational stories and I have been feeding off the positve energy from these reports.

I have also read Chukie V 's blog on the science of Tapering.Too many atheletes have a 3 week taper when the question is whether they have anything to taper.Iam glad I have had a pretty reasonable program up to the last week and then a short taper .

It is now about the just putting together the race plan and executing it.The lesson learnt is that there is no shame in trying and putting it all out there on the day .