Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post Ironman Blues

Its been a quite week as I brood over results but as always it is difficult following an Ironman race to not feel some discomfort and lack of purpose.All the training be it not ideal and time is now sewned up in the past .I will need a break before looking at the next challenge.But its back to the drawing board as far as trying to improve all 3 legs.this includes refocussing on my technique and I will continue to swim regularly. I do feel I need to improve my leg strength as I definitely did not have the strength to sustain the distance and it wasn't my aerobic capacity .The heat was not a real issue just the difficulty running off the bike when my quads were hurting with every stride.

On reflection , I believe training alone is good but I may have tended to lapse into riding in my comfort zone and not really push myself as hard as I should .Again without the leg strenth and doing specific strength specific workouts I was just doing the miles .I did improve with shorter distances as my half results show. But beyond 100km I tended to be inconsistent and for that my overall result has suffered.

Now is the time to refocus and set goals and more importantly I know I can improve and learn from past errors .Probably has been a year of over training and I will try and be more specific in the goals and more importantly ride with a group to improve on my endurance.

Finally I have listed the links I have attached to my bit of the North Coast Newsletter . If I do race next year besides IMWA it will have to be a race in the 2nd half of the year unfortunately.

After IMWA I thought it would be useful to list all the Ironman distance events around the world (it seems some have caught the bug )

The 3 that vie regularly as the toughest for those wanting a new challenge are:

1 Norseman in Norway ( it is all climbing on the bike and run and a spectacular swim starting with a jump off a ferry in the dark)

2 Ironman Lanzarote

22nd May 2010
19th edition
"Your Ironman charisma is not complete without doing this race"
Paula Newby-Fraser after the 1997 race.
The normal limits don't apply

3 Embruman in France





Ironman Western Australia
By Kate Bevilaqua
The top 11 triathlon training mistakes (part 2)