Friday, December 4, 2009

The Night Before...

Transition area on the eve of IMWA 2009

Swim Practice This morning at Busselton Jetty was a beautiful day

Carbo Party with Simon Beaumont and Pete Murray on Stage

Well the race is almost here and it is getting exciting.The weather is good and it looks like it will be a hot day tomorrow.Only concern is the nutrition and making sure I get enough carbohydrates in and hydrate well.It was a little hectic today as well .I did a short bike 40 mins and 15 min run .I then met the guys at the Jetty
and swam for 15 mins.

Then I rushed back to the chalet and got changed and back to Busselton for the race briefing .After Lunch and a swim with jonathan at the Mandalay Chalets Pool , I checked my bike and the Bike and Run bags in.Hopefully everything is in the bags.

Then had a walk around the expo which was better than last year .Had a quick coffee in town ... got the wrong coffeshop and so missed coffee with the rest of the group.Idid run into sufian outside the expo .We all wondered what the weather and temperature will be tomorrow.It looks like a hot day.

I think the swim should be fine. Hopefully I get a reasonablle swim time and can maintain my pacing on the ride and run.

Its now just 9 hours before the start and its all in the lap of the Gods...the Trigods.