Monday, October 12, 2009

World Chapionship in Hawaii

A very quick note after the greatest Race in the world ...atleast for a triathlete.
There is so much to learn from the sport it is mind boggling .
Afew notable comments in the wash up of another race and another year.

1 All the training for 1800 plus triathletes comes down to one day and so many factors .My friend rick had an amazing race but with the heat and the rough swim ...they are all new experiences despite being an experienced triathlete . What and how you react makes the person on that day as does life .

2 rebekah Keat get disqualified.It is believed she got two offical warnings for drafting . Luck plays its part and s*** happens. deal with it and move on as Iam sure she will.She is down to race the worlds long course in perth in 2 weeks as is Craig Alexander.

3 Chrissie and Craig winning the championship twice in a row. It comes down to talent and application both physical and mental.Being so well versed in the exercise of the plan but being able to adapt to the conditions
Craig Alexander at the press conference:

I certainly feel an obligation to the people in my family. You want to race well to give something back. I try to draw on that. I think this race is mental. You draw on what you can. You need to take inspiration from what you can. For me it's my family, my wife. All the things she does to support us and my career. If they didn't travel with me, I wouldn't come.

Worked a little bit with Chris Carmichael, one of the coaches who works with Chris Carmichael. I definitely outsourced – the second you think you know everything is when you get in trouble. I talked a lot with Dave (Scott) and Greg Welch.

4 Why do 1800 people spend so much time and energy to get to a race the rest of the world hardly notices.For me it is a raw desire to strive to push myself physically and mentally .To challenge that boundary . I am sure it is the case for all those who yearn for their chance to race in Kona.I realised looking at a few blogs over the last few days Iam not alone in the feelings i have expressed on my blog .lots of triathletes have been wishing they were over in kona.

I congratulate those who have lived their dream .It has inspired me for another year .

Now on to the training block and then the worlds . Just have to make sure that TAS has got me entered as I am still not on the start list .

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