Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning To Cope

It has been a reasonable week training wise .I only had two swim sessions not that it was going to make my swimming any faster.It just has been a busy week and I have had a few long days so i have had to skip a few training sessions to maintain some sanity but I don't get too worked up about it.I have made some interesting discoveries about my bodies physiology during the training week.

The Monday run was tiring but I seem to be travelling OK.Tuesday was a hard ride and pleased that I managed to average in access of 32 kph (this included the slow ride out to Nedlands) so I was averaging more during the solid 1.5 hr block.There has been a definite improvement.

Wednesdays swim was a miss and I slept in and ran in the evening another 1.5 hr session round the river .I did a 10min x 2 at threshold session with 10 min recovery .Still got passed by the runners from the WAMC (marathon club) I suspect as some were wearing T-shirts that said sub 3.30 runners.It was a really boring session as there weren't many people running.

Thursday turned out to be a fizz er as I worked late and didn't get a chance to ride in the morning.I did do a brick session on Friday with a run to the swimming pool and then a swim session and a run back .Felt very comfortable despite not having eaten anything for two hours. The swim session was about 2.2km with 26 x 50 m swims .

I went to bed early as I was planning on riding at 5am .Got out the door before 5am and rode to the Narrows bridge where I waited for john and Meredith and then we started down the freeway.Managed a good speed at times in excess of 40kph and at one stretch for the first time I got up to 50kph.I did the 87km with traffic lights and all the stops in over 32kph .I was feeling quite good. It was pretty warm by the time we got to the end of the freeway which would have been about 8.15am. I was running out of water having carried only 2 bidons . We now had to ride back the 72.5km to the narrows. It started well and I had already done 2 sessions of 20 km at threshold but even when I was sitting behing john my heart rate was at 140 plus.

John started to lag behing and I did a few sessions up front and meredith did a session of 10 mins and then slowed down for john and that was the last I saw of them although I was now in serious trouble my work rate was slowing , the temperature was rising and I had drunk all my water .That also made any eating a problem and so my energy levels was dropping . It was about an hour and half and it was an absolute struggle . I passed a rider who had followed us down to the end but started off first as we waited for meredith .I caught up with her during this period but she soon passed me and I just kept eyeing her drink bottles. It was that warm.

I eventually got to cockburn station not before being passed by 2 other cyclist and warned by on coming cyclist of a snake on the bike path.When I got to the station I had at least a bidon of water and then filled my two bi dons .I then felt better . I was finding it difficult to eat anything having only taken 2 gels.(silly me).

I had enough bars on me but I just couldn't hold anything down and I began to get a few twitches but fortunately no cramps.

I realised like in Austria I had become quite dehydrated and that had a direct effect on my ability to hold down food. At the narrows I had a banana and 2 bidons of water and slowly got home .Did not meet up with john or meredith .I was pretty wasted .My average had dropped to under 30kph by the time I got to the narrows and with all the traffic and lights home , it was under 29kph .I did manage to run my 15 mins easy off the bike and felt reasonable but dead tired and quite burnt .

As the ride wasn't quite 75 km from the narrows to Pinjarra , I had only completed 174 km . I plan to do another long ride after the worlds and hopefully with more fluids and gels I will be able to get a good handle on trying to avoid dehydrating and keeping up with the nutrition levels.

The rest of the day was tiring and I took JJ to the baywater pool which meant being on my feet for the next hour so i didn't do an easy run in the evening.I was also suffering from a very high pollen count and my nose and eyes were just so sore.

Sunday was just a complete rest day .I plan to continue with the training right up to friday and have a rest day on saturday and then it is the Worlds at Perth.

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