Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Championships in Kona

It was an easy week this week and I did alot of swimming and less running and riding.The saturday ride was an easy 3 hr ride and it was a little slow.Ended up doing approximately 80 km and felt good .Did crank it up a little at times but overal was an average 29kph.

I did not manage to watch the start of the championships as I fell asleep . But got up this morning to the pros hitting the run leg and Chrissie and Lieto ahead.But I had picked craig alexander and as expected his blisterring run got him a 2nd title .Lieto wasn't on anyones radar although I read on Xtri he had done a lot of training with Ryan Hall in CA this year.

The conditions were tough. Rick Twine did a respectable 11plus IM race .Well done Rick.Did not see him finish on the live link as it was loading so slow and I went for a swim this morning .

The sea was a little rough so we all went to the boat harbour and swam laps .It was slow going but managed to try the trisuit for the worlds which arrived this week from Singapore.Looks and feels good and importantly fits.Two hard weeks begin and I will not be tapering for the worlds will just be a long brick session on the road to busselton.

The New World Champions

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