Sunday, September 20, 2009

training for a train wreck

The week has been busy with work but I managed some training. After the easy week accept for last weekend where the wind on the long ride and the rain on Sunday's ride did exhaust me somewhat.I skipped monday mornings swim session and it was raining on Monday evening so I could not do my long run . Tuesday truend out to be a bit of a wet day as well so I didn't ride although I later learned from some of the guys cycling that it wasn't raining in Nedlands and they only caught a shower at the end of the session on the way back into the city.Well I decided to stay in bed on Tuesday but i did run for 1.5 hrs in the evening ....not quite the programme. I ran round the bridges and again it was a windy day with dark storm clouds and a bit of a drizzle along the way.It was just cold and miserable but I managed a steady pace and felt strong at the end. The legs ached a bit but not too bad.

Wednesday I did do my interval workout again in the rain and then went for the swim session.That was a little tiring but I could not make the swim session in the morning and so had to do the evening session and run before hand.

On thursday , I sat on my windtrainer for 1.5 hrs with a 5 x 10m session at threshold and watched Kona 2008 and ironman UK on DVD.

Finally on friday I had an easy 45 min run and swim in the evening and felt pretty good at the end of the week.

Having said that there is a compulsion to train eventhough I know I need a long break .I have trained since January 2008 with 3 ironman races after 2007 and 2 half ironman races and countless shorter triathlon races with 2 months of no training .After Austria , I continued a routine not disimilar to my programme accept when I was ill and injured which ironically came on just before the Painathon and the City to Surf Marathon .But I can't seem to stop.

Ready for the hard weekend of riding to Lancelin and back with the North Coasters.

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