Saturday, September 26, 2009

A nice day for a bike Ride...the long ride day

Saturday 26 September 2009 ...the long ride day

My training week always concludes with a long ride on saturday.Today was no different.I had to ride 150km on aero and at threshold. It was also the AFL grandfinal between St Kilda and Geelong. For the record geelong won .

I got up late for my ride so I started off at 6.30am and rode down to the city then onto the narrows and Mt Henry Bridge.It was a very nice day .It wasn't too cold. From Mt Henry Bridge I then went down the freeway .Met up with john Hawkins and Meredith who was doing a 150km ride from Joondalup. I rode with them for a km or two then went on my merry way.There was a cross wind but I was doing a pretty good speed between 32 and 39 kph but my heartrate was staying fairly low between 130-139.

I went 54 km down the freeway cycle path before turning back at the 76 km mark.At that point my average speed was 30.9kph. The return trip was hard ...the winds were headon . I was averaging 25kph at some stages and about 20 km from Mt Henry ,a group of 4 riders passed me and i jumped on the back of their wheels and hung in there but I did try to keep the regulation 7 meters some of the time. they were flying and i got up to 40kph at some stages.just prior to that my legs were feeling very heavy but once I got on the back of them it wasn't too bad and I felt much stronger.As in previous week I had very little nutrition.Two bottles of water , 12 dates , a bar and banana >I got by in the 5 hour ride on about 35 g of carbohydrates per hour .

In the end I managed to get back in 5.10 averaging 29.4kph .that was with all the lights in the city and traffic back home.Then it was a 10 min easy run.In the arvo i did a further easy run for 45 Min's.

The rest of the week I managed all the sessions bar my interval run on Wednesday. I did my swim sessions on Monday , Wednesdays and Friday in the evening.The Friday session was particularly strong ,I did a 2.7km session with 8 x 200 m at firm ,medium and fast pace.i did it with a pull buoy so I managed to keep up with the swimmers in my lane.In the end the week went well and the total stats were bike 9.5 hrs, run 4 hrs , swim 4 hrs including a swim on Sunday.

Running this week has been particularly cold and wet .But it has turned out to be a good weekend and the weather has come good.particularly on my birthday on Sunday.
The first swim in the ocean since July and it felt like a shock to the system but I managed to acclimatise to the conditions.I did about 1.5 to 2kms. We then all had coffee at hillary's.It was before the crowds arrived and the weather and ocean were perfect despite the cold.It was a great start to the day.

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