Sunday, September 20, 2009



The weekend riding to Lancelin and back was a good training session for me. We all congregated at Kim and Rob lees home .I was the first there at 5.45am .Rob wasn't even ready. But I didn't want to be late. unloaded the bike and the light was breaking at just past six am.It looked like there were storm clouds hovering around but it turned out to be a good day to ride.

The little cul-de-sac soon was a swam of cyclist gathering for the start . Everyone had to put their name down and emergency contact details just in case ( you got run over by a semi trailer ) Roger P said that as his parents were in Queensland he did not have any so Maria M just told him to put down Joondalup Hospital.

The first batch started off at about 6.15 and the second smaller group were off at just past 7am I started off alone thinking the main group would catch up and they did about 12km later and then we rode in twos through Marmion Drive on to Two Rocks before getting into single file till Lancelin

I felt good despite only having a bottle of water and 10 lollies so I was really feeling quite tired by the end of the ride. I managed to take my turn at the front for a fair bit but towards the end as I was really grinding hard on the hills and my legs were really tired for the last 20 kms .We caught up with the earlier group at Two Rocks and passed all the riders from the earlier group before Woodbridge.Some of them stuck onto the back of our group .I lost the main lead group and John Domican was about 2-300meters ahead of them as well .I turned off into the road leading into Lancelin but wasn't sure if it was the right way so I tried to ring dave but there was no response .I started heading back up the hill when I saw robyn , tracey and stephen so I followed them down to Lancelin and managed to find my way to the YHA Hostel.Had to wait a further half an hour for my bags which were in Marias car and hung around the courtyard talking about my favourite topic tris.Imust have bored several North Coasters.

Anna arrived and I decide to run with her for an hour which I was going to do in the arvo and felt comfortable witht he run but my heart rate was a little high at 140-145 . I managed to do an even split time running the same distance in the first 30 mins and back.

We walked to the Pub for Lunch and it was a long walk ...atleast 2km away .Thanks Dave.We had lunch till 4pm and then I headed back to my room and promptly fell asleep and woke up at 6.30 for dinner .We had great salads and meats and sausage and lots of deserts.I went off to bed at about 10pm and got up at 6am although my alarm goes off at 4.45am every morning but i get to doze off for a further hour .Had breakfast and then went down to the neach for a few oics and we promptly set off at 7.30am for the return trip .we made steady progress and we had lots of favourable winds .got to woodbridge abd had a muffin break courtesy of sue and then back down to two rocks and Burns beach to Robs place. it rained for the last 20 kms and so we got wet and cold.
i felt alot better on the return trip as i did not blow my legs going too hard up the hills .On the trip up i averaged 31.6 kph and on the trip down 31kph . overall it was an excellent ride and got 8 hours of good training in.Pity I didn't have a rest day yesterday .Atleast Ross isn't reading this blog .

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