Sunday, September 6, 2009

The first week of the " Programme"

I started back fully on training this week with swimming on monday ,wednesday and friday morning.It was particularly cold on friday morning and everyone is back and there are some new faces from north coast tri club training at the pool.

I rode on Tueday morning with the girls as I was quite sore from Sundays marathon but took my turn at the front for the 45 mins and continued cycling whilst everyone ran for 15 mins. Rob had a bit of a mishap ,he fell off his bike but not sure of the details .Fortunately he wasn't injured and didn't seem to collide with anyone.It was a little wet on the road.

On wednesday evening and Friday I ran for 45 mins and an 1.10 respectively so I feel I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.It was an easy run pace and tim ran with me on wednesday and iw as anble to have a conversation all the way thru.

saturday was supposed to be a 120km ride but with the wind and rain i sat on the windtrainer for 3 hours doing Coach troys tough love spinerval with lots of standing on the bike and climbing .that hurt alot . Dropped taking any energy drink , limited now to just water and some lollies for carbohydrates and felt a little faint at the end .I ran for ten minutes off the bike and felt ok.

sunday was a rest day and I just relaxed .I was tempted to do something but decided against it as I think I need to rest as much as possible.
Weight still the primary issue for this preparation.Will be signing up for Busso this week as the numbers are rising.