Sunday, August 16, 2009

The training begins

The week started quietly training wise as I was far too sore on Monday and Tuesday to do anything after the painathon.Iam glad I stopped at challenge 8.

The flu has still lingered which has made the recovery a little harder.

I started back swimming on wednesday and again on friday .It was quite an awful week weather wise but I keep saying to myself it builds character but it just feeds my obsession. They were reasonable sessions although I am focussing as much as I can on my technique and trying to cut out any dead spots , not gliding too much , and keeping my body position as flat as possible with the legs not dragging .I am also foccusing on my breathing and have tried to be as relaxed as I can. I have picked up alot from the Mr Smooth Character

... called the Mr Smooth Console. Use it to view Mr Smooth's 'ideal' stroke from any angle, at any speed, in amazing clarity. (from the swimsmooth website)
Use that insight to improve your stroke.

Its a great website set up by Paul Newsome.Although I have not met him I remember when I first started swimming in 2006 I put out a question in the triuk forum and one of the first individuals to respond was Paul. I have come someway from those early days but it is technically the most difficult discipline to master.

I did a 2.2 km set during each session which was a mixture of 500m to 50 metre sets .

I will start swimming in the morning from now on and start back on my running given I have a full marathon on the 30th of August.

On Saturday I volunteered to marshall the North Coast Duathon Championship and decided to ride out to the Scotts home where it was held. I copied the directions I had from the google map and got up early and left by 5.15 am with the intention of getting there by 6.30am.

unfortunately the roads bore no resemblance to the directions I copied and I got hopelessly loss and my mobile wasn't chance denice Rice secratary of NCTC was driving past and lost as well and gave me and my bike a lift .we eventually found the place but I was late and so just watched.

the rain caused the race to be called off.I managed to get wet on my ride as well.
Great start. I rode to Joodalup where Roger had parked his car and I got a lift home.

The next morning I rode with Tony , Trevor and Andy round the river approximately 70km ride. The funniest thing was whilst stopped at a set of lights my chain fell off and was neatly lined up on the road.Fortunately there was no traffic and tony managed to get the chain back on.

I found the ride a little tiring on my legs at the end which I suspect is partly from the race but possibly from the additinal weight I have been carrying and the remnants of my flu.

Although I haven't signed up for IMWA , it is 16 weeks to the race and a good tme to start training.I will soon know if I have had a sufficient break or Iam a just too jaded. i do know that my weight and the cramping will be issues I need to tacklebefore december.