Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Week 5

Easy Run King's Park

Still grinding out the runs and looking for elevation.

A hot week with backing up after Sunday's long run with an hour on Kokoda.Making progress with nearly 500m of elevation. I did 10 repeats and managed nearly 8kms of running.

Tuesday  an easy hour on the windtrainer.

Wednesday still the hardest session.I did it on the tredmill as it was hot but it was just hard .Finished with 13km and 10 plus on 5.30 pace.

Thursday an easy run of 5km and then in the evening an hour on the bike .

Friday a rest day , the first for 5 weeks .

Saturday , CRT river loop and I took the easy option of riding slow with the last group. It was still fast in spots.Did the usual 65km .Did a short cross fit session mainly aerobic of 30mins.

Sunday a long run again at Reabold for 3.20 hr .Finished with 22km and 800m . Did 10 repeats of Reabold lookout. Started at about 6.15 and finished by 9.30am before it got too hot.

Total run 48 km 6.5hrs
Bike 116km 4.5 hrs

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