Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 14 Last Climb of the Cycling Tour

Climb To Plateau De Beille

The last climb of the trip and it was called a coffee ride ,meant to be short and enjoyable. Never was.We drove to a small town called les Cabannes 15km from Ax Les thermes and from there it was a 15.8km climb in the hot French sun with 1350m of altitude. my legs had already decided it was too tired and so it was a slow slog . Started out in the big chain ring accidentally but too tired to vene notice till Robyn passed me at 3km and siad I was in the big chain ring. Ther rest of the climb was at least in the small chain ring and made it more tolerable.As the chart will show there were lots of 8% gradients on this climbwhich made it relentless. .I was far too gone and last in the group.Slowly endging up and passed by lots of French cyclist managing a 12kph to my slow 6kph . Even the tour riders climb this at 20kph.

Took about 2.5 hours to get to the top where there was a cafe at a small ski facility and had a coke and a bit of a rest before the fast descent down to the start. the end of a great 2 weeks of riding. I was pretty unfit but fitter and have lots of weight to lose after the inactivity for the last few weeks but the past 2 have helped start that process.

At the top
the last 2km

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