Monday, May 15, 2017

Weeks 18 & 19 Tapering


Last Run on Sunday 14 May 2017 Mother's Day

Walk in the Park

Run with Molly and Headlights


Finally the end . The last 3 weeks are pretty relaxing in so far there is the worry of whether there is enough mileage done and elevation. Hard to answer till the day after but  always feel like many we could have done more but having said that it may come at really tired muscles, injury and worse not starting.

I am at the pointy end and fit and not injured although I had a few aches and pains  during the past 4 months  of training.

The last 2 weeks have been a real drop in volume and particularly on the weekend.

Week 18 , Just did a 8km run on Monday and then again on Thursday I did a 4.5 km run and Friday I ran 8kms .Tuesday I did a wind trainer session for 30 minutes and had a massage on Wednesday . Saturday I rode round the river with CRT but finished up early as I turned at Canning Bridge , then a really light weights session in the afternoon (mainly chatting rather than doing any heavy weights). Sunday was pretty much a slow 2 hour run which we did along the coast at Trigg going along the tracks in the bush around Trigg.

Week 19

A really short 6km run on Monday and Wednesday and again on Thursday . Tuesday a 45 minute wind trainer session and Saturday a cross fit session with 30 repeats of snatches , back squats and cleans with a 25kg bar .

Sunday a really easy 8km run along the coast .

With a week to go not much else to do but put the feet up and just rest . There is little to be gained running more now. All the work has been done is the end of the line .

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