Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 15 The last Push

Friday 8 April Evening Run along the Swan River
Saturday Trigg Beach

Short Clip of the trails in Trigg
Molly with her Toy Bear (Recovery Expert)

This was a great fairly easy week after the previous week with the Monday long run.

Monday , did a short 7 km run in the morning and a 5km run in the evening at easy pace which was between 6.30 and 7 min per km. On Tuesday it was a 6km easy run and then rode to cross fit via Subiaco so was a long 45km ride and then a 30minute session of cross fit.

Wednesday fast session running to work (see below ) and managed a 15 minute warm up (approximately) then 8 minutes hard  x 3 with a 5 minute recovery between . I managed to keep the pace at 4.40 and then 4.36 and the final 8 km was about 5 minute pace .With the last 15 minutes a cool down into the city . Ran 10.7km in 61 minutes.


 Wednesday morning run

Thursday I ran an easy 7km and then in the evening a short cross fit session with 30 minutes .  On Friday a run a round Kings Park and then along the river and up Kokoda to finish with 12 km in 85 minutes .

On Saturday ,I  ran the trails behind Trigg . I ran late morning as the others ran earlier but we met up for coffee at Kailis after the run. The weather was nice and cool and enjoyed the run . Ran a total of 11.25km in 80 minutes.

On Sunday did the same course but we ran 2 hours and again I ran on my own but finished up in Trigg with about 16.5kms done

The legs were a bit tired bit managed a reasonable week of training . I ran about 76kms and just under 9 hours with 1 hour of Cross fit and 2 hours of cycling. The start of the last few weeks of training before tapering for the Ultra. The crucial issue is to focus and try to remain fit and injury free. The weight remains down and hovering between 68 and 69 kgs.